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  1. Not surprising to me! I am constantly watching her auctions, I often wonder if she gets tired of her items RARELY meeting her high reserves, then she relists and relists....items are very overpriced, guess she needs to pay that pricey rent on her Bev hills store somehow.
  2. they always put a high price on very well used items.
  3. It's discontinued.

    The limited bags are pretty pricey.
  4. Well, supply and demand will dictate the price - when the bag doesn't move, it'll show that the price was too steep, as you've pointed out ! ;)
  5. no, fashionphile generally has a VERY high price on items, limited editons or not.

    a LV cles which you can buy new online and new in stores for 165$ and is NOT limited edition they have for $175 and $195 USED!

    the newest LV book which you can get in stores for new $135 or on (with out the case) for $60, she has for $325.... its not out of print or hard to find.

    i think its really just taking advantage of people new to LV who dont know the real value of these things. granted they can easy look these up. its not just here though i have seen other resellers charging more than current price for a new item used. people need to stop paying these inflated prices and they will stop charging them.

  6. ITA!! Fashionphile's prices are nuts!
  7. Let's see if it sells!!
  8. #9 Feb 15, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2010
  9. intresting. i saw 2 of the speedy 25's on bonanzle with the cherries one for 600 o.b.o. the other for 1,2000 o.b.o. both look authentic and in great shape. just funny how the prices for things are.
  10. Fashionphile is almost ALWAYS over priced. I do have to say that I did get my mahina xs brand new from them for a great deal though! Over 1000 off retail!

    Anyway, my favorite part of their auctions are the descriptions. They really seem to mention things and act like its not a big deal at all.
  11. LOL! I thought it was just me.
  12. They use that program to determine how much things sold for recently and determine an average price based on that, so if they can get more than retail, they will. It's like the locks that are only $30 in the boutique but sell for $50 on ebay...used.
  13. I have to agree that I've found some great deals on there, but you have to really hunt for them.

    Haha I know what you mean - regardless of condition "This is a great/beautiful bag!" :lol:
  14. ita!