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  1. so i was just reading through the threads and noticed someone bought a hangtag on ebay.. well i have a large signature tote that i use for school and to dress it up i take all of my hangtags off of my bags and put it on that tote, since i dont use my coach bags anymore.. and i just searched on ebay to see how much these go for. the first one that popped up is a basic brown hangtag for 32 dollars. who in their right might would pay 32 bucks for a hangtag?? you can go to the outlets and get a wristlet with a hangtag on it for that price, even less if you catch a sale.. maybe it has a solid gold center?
  2. i mean, it has had 25 bids so far, and the bidding is up to 32 dollars, not even buy it now..
  3. People will even by bags, catalogs, and boxes, so this is really nothing new.
  4. for 32 bucks? i guess because i live 10 minutes from an outlet this is outrageous to me..
  5. ^^ Probably so.

    My "nearest" outlet is an hour away and I don't drive so I have to rely on the kindness of anyone who feels like making the trip, so I feel very lucky whenever that happens.

    So yeah, for some, E*bay may be the only way to get anything you find at an outlet...
  6. Coach will replace hangtags most of the time if you call and ask.
  7. It's possible that someone may have wanted the hangtag if Coach was only able to provide them with the metal one (no longer making the one they originally had).
  8. That sounds like a possible case of shill bidding too.
  9. not everyone lives minutes away from a coach store. buying catalogs and boxes maybe a little outrageous but I can see buying a hangtag. :shrugs:
  10. You know what?! Its a supply and demand thing. Simple. That particular tag may have something special about it...we don't know that!!!

    My mom thinks the amount of money I spend on a purse is outragous!!! Thats her opinion...I don't get mad!

    We all do things different is all I am trying to say. It is not right for us to judge.
  11. um ok. i wasnt judging anyone, if you want to spend 32 dollars on a hangtag then go for it. isnt this forum about opinions, i happen to think that's a lot of money to spend on a brown hangtag, and that's an opinion.
  12. someone may be buyingit to put on a faux bag to sell it. same reason someone would buy dustbags or shopping bags.
  13. I'd do it in a second! In fact I have. I don't live near a Coach store and I lost a hangtag I found one on ebay that matched perfectly. Of course it wasn't $30 but if I needed it and found the right one....I'd jump on it.
  14. I lost a hangtag and Coach replaced it free. You can also ask the boutique for one.
  15. Thats insane, when the hangtag fell off my Carly they sent me a new one for free.