seriously, you HAVE GOT to try this,.. (i got balls)

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  1. okay so as some of you may know I am daring...i do not know if any of you guys have done this..but someone probably has.....please let me know if you i just got a new turq, and me having OCD there was like a scuff the size of an ant. IT BUGGED ME..almost to the point of selling the I figured i might as well give something a try because I dont want to get rid of i took a tassle to try it out..I put Orly Glosser clear top coat nailpolish on it..and it dried perfectly clear and then i went on and put it in my edges/corners in the usual scuff spots..and it WORKED made it nice and glossy and the scuff mark is totally gone and shiny. I mean i dont see a down fall to this? nothing bad could possibly happen in the long run, and if anything bad was going to happen to the leather it would have by now.

    im freaking amazed:yahoo:

    has anyone done this? or dare to try it? i promise it will not ruin your bag, but try it on a tassle first to experiment.
  2. DO have balls! Haven't tried that but kudos to you! I'm happy your turq edges are like brand new. Maybe I will try that if I have to!!!!
  3. glad it worked for you! but i'd never do it myself... too scurred.
  4. :lol: at the title.........

    ...bigger than mine. lol
  5. lol, no one is daring??? you have no idea it works miracles..and i have OCD so my things must be perfect or I wont keep it..
  6. lol........oh trust me, I understand:yes:.....which is why when I think about doing this I'm like:wtf: LOL!!
  7. Wow ... big balls, my friend LOL!

    I'm not daring either, I just accept the little imperfections my Bbag(s) has/have as my own personalized moles/birthmarks!

    But hats off to you!
  8. :welcome:
  9. Girl , you definitely have some SERIOUS balls! Hey, if it works why not?
    Let us know after a few days or weeks how that spot looks. Maybe I can polish my new Magenta who is as dull as you can get!
    I personally love the glaze they put on the bags and prefer it a bit shiny.
  10. Hehe, good that that little experiment of yours worked out fine! I have the same problem, but with the sealant on the top part of the bag, so I just bought myself Aleene's Stop Fraying, it also works like a clear polish, only drawback though, is that it dries sticky. :Push:
  11. Wow crazy :shocked: ! I'm really curious to see how it looks, could you post a picture of your corners ?? :smile:
  12. for you joey beans ;] ..... someone enlarge these for me i still dont know how to do it.

    corners 019.JPG

    corners 020.JPG

    corners 021.JPG
  13. [​IMG]



    Big enough?? Looks great!
  14. BTW, do you have any before pics?
  15. it does look good. Does it feel crispy or stiff at all? That's what I'd be afraid of.