Seriously? Why is this a tough decision? HELP!!

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  1. OK ladies, I have recently come across 2 great finds! I found a graphite Op Art Magazine tote and an Espresso Leather Large Julianne!!! :yahoo:
    Problem is, I CAN'T keep both. Help me pick. They both have different features I love.
    I'm 5'0 even and the first thing my husband said when he saw both bags was that they were HUGE. He's no help.
    I'm wanting to have this bag as an everything bag. My purse and diaper bag all in one. I have 2 boys under the age of 4.. so I have some stuff to carry. I normally carry a diaper bag and a separate purse for me.
    I LOVE the leather on the julianne and the zip closure. I always buy brown bags. I have a weakness for them.
    As for the graphite, this would be my first gray bag ever. I never end up keeping them. I just wish it was a zip top closure. (Not that it's a deal breaker!)
    OKay, so I've taken some modeling pics so please help me out.

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  2. Julianne, No question in my mind. Beautiful, what is the number on that please
  3. Im a leather girl and that first one looks amazing one you! BUT the gray color also looks awesome on you only concern with the siggy one is that since you have two little ones, it may show stains and such. This is coming from a mommy of two as well.....
  4. I say keep the Julianne, but I'm not a big fan of op-art...they both look fab on you though!! (I'm a fan of big bags)
  5. I prefer the second bag : )
  6. I actually like the magazine tote on you better... I think the shape of the Julianne doesn't look right on the shoulder because its not as structured... they are both really pretty bags though!
  7. Although the Julianne is certainly gorgeous, I think it looks way too big for your frame. I had the same problem with the new Madison Hippie. Although I loved the bag, it just looked way too odd on me, so I'm going to wait for the smaller size. I would go with the magazine looks like it suits you much better.
  8. so it's not "Huge" on me as my husband said?! Thanks by the way, I don't know why this is such a tough decision. I always feel guilty when spending a lot of money on myself I guess.
    The style # for the Julianne is 12974. It's the large one, Some call it a travel bag but coach just says it's large.
  9. The Julianne looks Great on you.. I voted keep Julianne...
  10. I'm *NO* help at all.
    I prefer the shape of the magazine tote.
    And I prefer the leather and color of the Julianne.

    This is why we need "customiz-albe" Coach bags!
  11. Definetely Julianne looks better in you! I'm also small like you and my bf don't like big bags for me. btw, I love your haircut !
  12. I loooove big bags and I'm similar in size to you (am 5'2"), so maybe I'm a little biased (I own and wear a LOT of enormous bags-- XL maggies, peytons and the like). But I love LOVE love the brown julianne on you! I think it would make a great and well-wearing purse/diaper/everything bag, and could function well as an all-season piece.

    I never shrink away from a bag that's "too big," but this is my style and I'm very comfortable with it. I think if you're comfortable, I'd go with the Julianne. :biggrin:
  13. Hard choice, I am not really into brown bags, but I voted for you to keep the Julianne, cause it looks good on you.

    I really like the leather too. Does it have a cross body strap too? That will be good with the kids.
  14. :thinking:I prefer the look of the second one better. The long strap of the Julianne makes the sides fall and I don't care for that :nogood:....

    That being said....The Julianne will be easier to keep clean :tup:and can be carried crossbody in case you need your hands free with your little ones:ghi5:.

    Good luck deciding. They're so close as far as shape and size....toughy
  15. That is a tough one! I am terrible at making decisions, so I understand why it's so hard. I am a leather girl, so I automatically gravitate to the Julianne. However, I am not sure I like the way the sides are pulling down. I do think it would be better for clean up with 2 youngs ones though.

    The Madison tote is a great shape on you, but I'm not as in love with the siggy and I wonder how dirty it could get. I am leaning to this one because of size.

    I'm probably not much help! My husband thinks bags are too big all the time too.