Seriously, what would you wear these with?

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  1. I love Louboutins like the next person but someone please show me an outfit that would go with these?

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    weird thing is, I think they're cute.
  2. :blink: When you're brushing the dog's fur? It would hide those pesky strays!!
  3. Weee! So fuzzy! Can I pet them? And no clue what to wear with them. They need a little trimming.
  4. maybe jeans and an angora sweater?

    Were they really meant to be worn? lol
  5. I think that they are really cute. I would wear them with jean capris, a black wife beater, and diamond strand earrings.
  6. that would be cute. will you be my stylist?

    (why can't I come up with stuff like this? I swear I used to be a snappy dresser.....):amuse:
  7. I'm definately thinking simple jeans and a simple top or one with very little "extra" to it since the shoes would be the focal point.
  8. Maybe they could be worn with black velvet pants and a white blouse or a black tux .... I don't know ..... lol
  9. Jeans...!
  10. Black denim jeans, black tight top, and something red to accessorize (red bracelet, watch with a red face or something like that!)

    The shoes should be the focus!

    (I had a jacket once that would have matched those perfectly lol my teenage years!)
  11. Oh, I would SO rock those with jeans and a cute top, it isn't funny! I love them!
  12. CUTE, they'd dress up darn near any jeans and swanky top!
  13. I agree with the jeans idea. I'm not sure how you would wear them with a dress or skirt.
  14. LOL I don't think I could ever pull those off, however it would definately have to be something simple.
  15. You Are Right ~ They Are Super Cute!!!