Seriously, What Work Has She Had Done?

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    Shot at 2007-07-30Michelle Pfeiffer is almost 50! How does this woman stay looking so hot. She's had to have a little work. At least some botox in the forehead. She probably uses some top-secret crap like umbilical cord cream or something.

    Michelle claims that her beauty secret is not living in Los Angeles. When asked how she stays looking so young she said, "I moved out of Hollywood....Even men are falling prey to it a lot more than they used to. But it's the worst on women. A lot of times women are put out to pasture right when they're hitting their stride."

    Here's Michelle and DeDee Pfeiffer at last night's "Stardust" premiere. In the movie Michelle plays a witch looking for the fountain of youth. I'm telling you...umbilical cord cream!
  2. not only is she beautiful, but she gets MORE beautiful as she ages. i swear, she looks better now than ten years ago!
  3. I couldn't agree more!
    She looks amazing!
  4. She might have had Botox....but that's nothing at all. So glad that she hasn't sported those awful fish lips like so many others.
  5. I wish she would share what products she tried in the past and what she is using now. I wonder if she does get facials and stuff like that on regular basis?
  6. her forehead is far too smooth not to get Botox. . . I'm sure there's an amazing surgeon quietly behind that face :biggrin:
  7. :roflmfao: Fish funny!!!
  8. I agree that she is beautiful, but she DOES still look at least 40-something. I'm not saying that is bad at all, just that she doesn't look all that young to me. But I far prefer her look to the pulled-tight mask so many others her age are sporting.
  9. Hey, plastic surgery or no plastic surgery she looks amazing and I hope to look like that at that age! Besides.. it's not like she looks deformed due to cosmetic surgery like some women her age and even younger do. :yucky: I think she looks very beautiful and natural.
  10. FYI:There isn't a product on the market that really makes a difference except those administered by a licensed physician.:true::true::true::true::
  11. Just because someone looks younger than their age, doesn't mean they had work done.

    I know in my family everyone ages well and we don't look our age. My grandmother is 82 and she looks maybe 62. I look 30 and I am in my 40's.

    And Michelle looks great.
  12. She's stunning.
  13. Exactly! She's always been gorgeous, but she looks even better now. Love her.
  14. She looks beautiful! Always has!
  15. She is beautiful!!! The one thing that has me thinking 'no work' is her neck! Look at's sagging or anything! I bet her hands even look young LOL