seriously this is no good

  1. so after I got my azur pochette I stopped coming here because I didn't want to want to buy anything else, and for the past 2 months or so it has been working, but I decided to stop in just now and the first thing I did after reading a few threads was open up!!! Oye this place really has a serious affect on me! haha this can't be good...
  2. We are enablers!
  3. i knooowww!! ahhh! :smile:
  4. It's an addiction and we're really into it... although we try to be realistic (whatever that is)...
  5. lol! aww...
    *holds you captive in here*, see, now you cannot leave, you must buy, buy buuuyyyyyyy! MUWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!! :nuts:

    lol. j/k, j/k, hehe.

    Honestly, I dunno what I'd do without this place :yes:
  6. LOL! It happens to all of us! I say...go with it! hee hee
  7. Yep, seriously:sweatdrop: ~ but I like it here:shame:.
  8. :yes:
    I understand the feeling. I have tried to go on self imposed tPF bans... it always ends with me crawling back and obsessing over new bags.
  9. haha :devil:
  10. lol well luckily i haven't fell head over heals in love with anything i've seen lately but i give myself a few weeks before i crack and just buy something for the joy of buying it
  11. [​IMG]



  12. Welcome back! Yep everytime I come here all I want to do is buy buy buy! Thankfully I don't live near any of the nicer Dept stores that carry these yummy bags! I still don't own anything nicer than a DB bag yet but hopefully that will change here in the next few months.

    So yep it's hard not to want things when you see what everyone else has, and alot easier to not want when you don't see what others have!!
  13. heehee, the cheerleading devil is GREAT!!!
  14. I think I am more addicted to this place than to LV! I have been here since November but still only own 2 LV bags. :shrugs:
  15. the same here!! lucky me:yahoo: