SERIOUSLY thinking Toile!

  1. OK..Everytime i see a picture of a toile combo birkin, kelly or bolide my heart pitter patters:flowers: I live in 2 warm climates year round (one is in the caribbean) so i guess it could be used year round...not just as a seasonal bag. In which style do you think the toile looks best? I am thinking with spring/summer coming up they will be popping up more and more... any pictures would be great to fuel the urge!!
  2. LuxChic - so hard to give you pics at the moment with the search down but, as a fellow toile lover, I'd go about it the other way. Which bag would you use more? Then get it in toile :idea:
  3. There is a toiler lovers thread somewhere too (jaegerhomme started it I think) but without the search I can't find that either :rolleyes:

    I never knew how much I "searched" until I couldn't :upsidedown:
  4. Totally hear you..i used the search ALOT. my first thoughts are to look for a birkin in toile...but then i thought how nice it looks in the bolide and kelly...

    i lead a casual lifestyle and do not own a kelly at the moment so i thought this could be a nice casual take on a classic elegant bag???
  5. on the other hand...i love how "beachy" the toile looks on the birkin...totally suits the places i live. Confusion!!
  6. i need to see some action shots to help!
  7. Handybags, that's so nice of you to try to search. :flowers:

    I also love toile.

    Here are the picture of my birkin 35 toile/dark brown and my friend's bolide 37 toile/white. (The white handle has turn yellowish and my friend has only carried it once and she had it for about 4-5 years. It was kept in the sleeper bag always. How sad!! :sad:)

  8. Thanks for the pics! lovin the the birkin!
  9. I love toile equally in the kelly in the birkin and in the bolide. I also think it makes the bag quite casual, even if it's a kelly.
    I heard that in the last years toile has been treated with an invisible coat that is supposed to protect the fabric from dirt a little bit more. I am not 100% sure of this info since it's only a rumor that i have heard and i have never asked for a confirmation a H.
  10. I had a pic of my toile with rouge chamonix leather Trim around here somewhere...

    I think toile is great and very hearty as it is coated to repel dirt. It probably does better than the white leather in the long run.

    Very interesting about the handles getting yellow on the Bolide. Almost bought that exact bag last year and then got cold feet because of the white. Good thing!
  11. Well, I've got a toile/white combo...that is still sitting in the box. After the picture...I may have to rethink it....
  12. I love my toile bolide ( 31 Gold clemence). I carried it most of last summer and found it to be very durable and surprisingly resistant to wear! It think toile just looks like "spring"!
  13. That is a Killer Bolide sellmysoul!!!! I love the combo!
  14. ilovemylife & sellmysoul, love the toile Bolides!! That's a great look. :smile:
    AuthenticLux has a great toile Birkin (or might be a HAC)
    with navy leather, that is absolutely gorgeous. :smile: Good luck on your quest, LuxChic.