Seriously starting to dislike Saks

  1. *** Begin Rant***
    If it weren't for their sales, I would hate them outright. I have only worked with TWO SAs there for the 15+ years I have been shopping there that I actually liked. Everyone else SUCKS!
    Just yesterday I ordered a pair of shoes on sale from some random SA over the phone. They were on sale, but still $350... and I have yet to hear from her with a shipping confirmation, nothing. Nordstrom is so on top of that stuff it's not even funny. AND if I don't hear from Nordstrom, they are always more than willing to look up the order for me and give me as much info as possible. Saks is another story... if I don't get the particular SA on the phone that I ordered from, then they won't tell me anything. It's like it's not worth their time if they aren't getting a pay cut for it.
    And the customer service number is useless! They can only help if you have ordered online.
    ***End of rant***
  2. Don't feel like you're going crazy because you're not alone!
    Saks doesn't really care about you unless you're in there to purchase. They give you evil looks if you're in to return with legitimate reasons - I went to return unopened makeup my sister didn't like.
    Nordstrom, on the other hand, streamlines the return process and does it happily. (I bought shoes that had workmanship defect so returned them without hassle - I didn't have to bring out my "aggressive/mean" temperament to get things done.) I love them. They make our shopping experience much better.
  3. I can also vouch for Nordstrom's returns! No hassles, no worry! Kind, too.
  4. Sorry LL that you had a bad experience. I find Saks very hot and cold. Their live chat is a joke. Once I asked them to check on a store locator for an item and they told me I had to call the store that placed it to check on it... even though I have had plenty of live chats that were able to look up orders placed in store. I just hate that there is a lot of variations in service. I hope you get notification soon!
  5. Yeah. Saks CS is garbage. :nogood:
  6. I did a live chat the other day looking for a shoe when they told me to call the NY store because they MIGHT have my size in stock. So it was about 10 mins before close and the guy on the phone tells me he's going to look for it and to hang on, but he never got back on the line to tell me if they did or didn't have it. PLUS, I could overhear the SA's just chatting away. I just hung up.

    Next day at opening, I called again, but this time I had to give them my number so they could see if they had it or not. I waited about 1-1/2 hours just for them to tell me they didn't have them.

    Terrible customer service!!
  7. I have heard similar stories about Saks customer service as well.

    Personally I've only purchased a pair of shoes from there and I had a good experience. Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom do seem to provide much better customer service though.
  8. I agree. Sometimes Saks SAs have a way about them, if you get a nice specific one they are lovely to work with but sucks if they stop working there or arent working on a certain day. I have one SA over at Saks 5th in Manhattan, I see her in person but dont have a number for her.
  9. Yup, Saks CS is terrible :tdown: It's been so bad that I've been taking my business elsewhere.
  10. I stopped buying at Saks after my Miu Miu bow satchel. Never again.
  11. You're not alone there. The customer service at my local Saks is absolutely awful. I take my money to NM and Nordstroms. However, I will say that my shopping experience with in the past have all been positive. Item ships quickly and no hassle returns (if you're shipping it back, trying to return an order at the store is another story....) and chat agents are always helpful.
  12. So I ordered a pair of boots on Received them this past weekend, and the box was not only beat to rat poop but was wide open. DBF noticed that Saks did not even bother to actually tape along the seam. Needless to say, the actual boot box was destroyed and the boots were mangled inside of the box. I took them down to my local Saks that day to return them. I explained to the SA that I could not believe that they were even sent to me. She just shrugged her shoulders at me followed by a blank stare and asked what I wanted her to do about it. I looked at her. I literally cannot believe the attitude sometimes... Staggering.
  13. Ah that is horrible! I know that Nordstrom's customer service is great. I'm a little skeptical about Saks now. Hopefully I don't run into this problem anytime soon...
  14. SAKS... what's the big deal about shopping there??? Their customer service

    is deplorable and many of the SA's have real attitude.... the stores are changing now

    and not for the better either.... they are becoming just so commercial ...
  15. I'd say my experiences at NM and Saks are similar - the customer service ladies at NM are always so suspect as to why I want to return online purchases (because I didn't get to try it on while on the website!).