Seriously speaking, is this bag ugly and just too plain?

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  1. isn't this the same bag in your other thread? i'm not a siggie kind of gal (just a sucker for the black lurex!) but i do love that optic with the bumblebee.
  2. yup, same bag. but.

    i returned the optic one w/ bee.

    i'm thinking if I should return the white leather bag too... or if I should keep it.

    what do you think?
  3. for $80, keep it...white leather is classic.

    but i'm with aarti- i liked the bumblebee one.
  4. what are some things that you would wear the bag with??

    and what would you NOT wear it with?

    Is it a classic bag?

    or just a boring bag?
  5. if you think it's boring, maybe add a keychain or scarf to it?

    i dont have ANY white bags, so i can't tell ya what to wear it with...but definately looks like a summer bag.
  6. :sleepy: oops! sorry! No - it's not that bad. White for sure for summer months. Looks a little too Talbots for me.
  7. yeah its a little to plain for me, and with the white, it limits what you can wear it with. I'd rather put the 80 dollars toward another bag. I'm more of a quality over quanity type of gal.
  8. I don't think it's a bad bag. I wouldn't wear it in the winter, but for a white bag, I think that's the perfect price. You won't be too upset if you get a scuff on it.
  9. it's a good work bag.

    at least that's what my friend's sister (who has a bunch of vuittons, gucci, and chanel) says, b/c i got it for her in black (her choice!) as an everyday bag.

    for me it's functionable. so many pockets that literally you could find what you need when you need it e.g. cellphone, camera, wallet, etc...

    however, there is a legacy version that is really nice as well!


    price wise, this is much better. :smile:
  10. ^^it is a good price for a white bag to beat up.
  11. OK honestly I think this bag is quite nice and a very good deal. I could see wearing it all year with casual outfits. During the winter it would look refreshing paired with a brown or bright colored coat and in the summer, when all-white outfits inevitably reappear as a trend, it would make for an understated but chic addition. If you don't love it, by all means return it- but I see nothing ugly about this bag. IMO it is just plain enough to be versatile.
  12. Listen, you got a good deal on the bag.

    Its "plainness" speaks to a clean palette to which you can totally personalize it and make it your signature.

    As long as you like it, who cares what people think?

    What to wear it with? Denim, anything totally black or totally white with splashes of color in a scarf or jewelry, tie a scarf to the bag,

    What not to wear it with? Any frilly cocktail party dress.

    Cheers, and enjoy!
  13. It's a cute little bag, perfect for summer and dressed up with any number of scarves or charms.

    Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle.
  14. I would keep it, Its a nice bag. And like others said, you can always dress it up with accesories. Nice for spring and summer.