seriously SERIOUSLY after ALL the drama there is another not brand new alex on ebay!

  1. Relax and breathe, girl! You never know what the bidding will get up to, there's still 6 1/2 days to go. So many times, I see the exact same bag go for more when people have such low starting bids. Just think about how happy you will be when you open that box to see your GORGEOUS alex staring back at you.
  2. Bessie, I saw the Alex this morning, but didn't want to alert you to it, didn't want you to regret that stunner you've already got!! And there's no need! Like mama says, you never know what the bidding goes to, could go to well over $200 and you've got yours now! Relax, at least you didn't get ripped off this time..better with one bird in the hand and all that..
  3. Calm down Bessie. I saw that auction and it is a Daniella not an Alex. I'm going to go check right now but I'm pretty sure...

    Yes, it measures 11 x 7 not 14 x 9. Remember the Daniella was too small for you.
  4. Right! A Daniella! The smaller version! No worries! :tup: But it's kind of that whole Universe thing, you know? have to do what I have to do - STOP LOOKING!!! :rolleyes::shocked::lol::hrmm::true:
  5. I was wondering about this, the bag in this auction looks smaller...but the auction says Alex, so I just figured pics were deceiving..but if the measurements tell us it's a Daniella..that would be pretty good:yes:
  6. lol... that's next to impossible for some of us!
  7. Are you sure? Is this the auction you all are talking about? She calles it a Daneille. Is there another ALEX on eBay? Gotta go find out...

    I'm glad you didn't want this bag Bess. Luxoleather seems to have a hankering for it. You just sold your Daniella and you know how small it was and not real useable so you stay on that high you are on after nabbing the Alex.
  8. Bessie, you did good with your Alex. You already had a Daniella and sold it as it was so small, so keep feeling fab about the Alex that's on its way to you. It's a much better size for your needs.
  9. I'm confused. Didn't The Gap end up reimbursing you for the bag anyway? Better to get them to pay for a very expensive one in really good shape than one that doesn't look as nice. And it's not even the same one apparently. I wouldn't get upset when you're spending someone else's money. :yes:
  10. :shame::shrugs::blink::whistle::kiss:
    Love you!!!!:rolleyes::okay:
  11. :smile: THANK YOU GUYS HAHA :smile: ok so A) im crazy B) im crazy C) i cant read :smile:

    I saw pink and the same shape and got upset :smile: didnt read it was a danielle and you are so right i def did find it too small

    AND i should just SHH and be happy with i got cause i did get what i wanted and i am going to be so happy and i have to just accept that if another pops up its ok cause i have mine WHEW :smile:

    hehe sorry for sounding so crazy in my posting i was tired too :smile: