Seriously now...


Oct 28, 2006
Why is Chanel so expensive?

(Sorry if it seems like a stupid question. Just wanted people's thoughts.)

Is the quality that much better? Or is it simply because... they know we'll pay?
both plus more! LOL!
We pay more because of it's reputation, design and ability to withstand time IMO.

They really do come out w/ a TON of different designs a few times/year and are pretty much completely handmade/assembled.
The design house has been around for a very long time and has an immpecable rep, gotta love it! :biggrin:
But they really do hold up well? Do they scratch or wear out they get worn out looking in say....2-3 years? What about a PST--do the chains break easily? I am just wondering because they do cost a lot, but I am definitely serious about getting a PST. I just want it to hold up....because it could be a while before I can go Chanel
I think the caviar leather is pretty durable. But I do experience some leather sort of peeling off near the stitches when I first got my classic flap and I exchaned it for another one. My SA had said that because it is handmade, some peeling near the stitching is normal. anybody experienced this?

Anyway, I think it is the whole classic appeal that allows them to drive up the price but still have people fighting over their bags.=)
Are Chanels much more expensive than, say, Pradas? I'm not into other brands, but from what I glimpsed from dept stores catalogs, Pradas, and most of the brands carried by Barneys, are priced around the same $2000-$3000 range like Chanel. No?
IMHO, it's greed and keeping up with the other designers. Yes, the bags are handmade. There are family craftsman/women such as Lesage who hand stitch sequins, etc. The glass beading in the jewelry is hand blown and painted. This history is interesting. Lately, it seems there has been an increase in defective bags. How well a purse holds up depends on how the owner takes care of them. I've seen a two year old bag whose hardware needed replacing; a three-year old that is being refurbished as I write. The ones I've bought as long as 16 years ago look new. Rotating bags so one isn't in constant use helps; just like you would with shoes. When it begins to look tired, sent it to be refurbished.