Seriously need these wedges! HELP!!! Need Advice!!!

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  1. Here I am flipping through a Neiman's catalog when I come across the PERFECT shoe for Summer! I am simply in love with these (although the price makes me literally feel like fainting) but I digress.

    Can anyone tell me (1) if these come in any other colors because I am afraid of killing the white and (2) how comfortable are Chanel wedges usually???

    Thank you so much!!!! :flowers:

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  2. I love these shoes! I have the bag on hold for me too lol, I love this collection!!!! The wedges look comfortable, I'm sure they come in navy in black too.
  3. OMG- if they come in Navy or black I will be in heaven!

    Anyone know if they do for sure and where I can get them?
  4. ^^^I saw these wedges last week in either the navy or the black at the Chanel boutique in Wynn Las Vegas. Good luck!
  5. Those shoes are totally sweet!!!!
  6. Which color would you all get????

    And is it insane to pay over $800 for summer wedges????
  7. Yes, it probably is insane but I just paid over $800. for some plain silvery black python sandals (Chanel,of course) sooooo welcome to the crazy club. We'll be walking in style to the poorhouse!!:roflmfao::upsidedown::lol:
  8. White is very summery but harder to take care of. I say navy, go for it.
  9. You ladies are the best! Thank you so much for helping me!!! Figures there was already a thread!!! LOL!!!

    Now, off to try and justify this. But of course, as soon as I go see them, you know I will fall in love with something else too. Oy.
  10. The black version is at saks for 650. It doesn't have a slingback.
  11. I'm looking for this one without slingback. Any other color beside black? and do you know the style number?
  12. jill, the navy is available at BG. I posted mine in the Chanel footwear thread.
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