Seriously need help!!

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  1. Since September I have been getting abscesses on my pelvic area, I usully sterilize a pin and pop them in the shower and try and squeeze all the puss and blood out, but recently they are more common, like weekly. Is this really serious? I want to go to the doctor but I dont have health insurance and its going to be expensive for me to see the doctor for what could be nothing. Ive been looking on webmd and wikipedia for the last hour but I cant make anything of it Please help!!! thanks
  2. I would see a doctor.

    I have had an abscess on my leg before and it was staph.
  3. _ haven't had this happen often, but sometimes an ingrown hair in the pubic area would cause me something like you describe...

    But, yes, I think you should see a doctor if it is happening often.

    If it is an infection like staph, you may just be spreading bacteria to those different areas when you lance one.

    Is there any kind of free or cheap health clinic in your area? Some cities have these.
  4. ^^ some walgreens stores have a clinic where you see a nurse practitioner. It's great to use them for minor things or if you work late.. or need to go on a weekend.

    I go to one at my HEB grocery store.
  5. thanks, ive been looking at webmd and wikipedia and it says it could be bad. Im going to try if walgreens does it, if not my friends father is a doctor, i could ask him although it might be a little akward, but i guess its not worth dying over
  6. I definitely agree with seeing your doctor ASAP.

    What about making an appointment with your regular doctor instead of asking a friend's dad to reduce the uncomfortableness of the situation for both of you?
  7. i think the HEB/Walgreens idea is a good one. since you don't have insurance, look for clinics in your area. if you have to go to a specialist or another doctor, ask if they can do payment plans.
    please go soon and please let us know how it goes. :heart:
  8. Please see a doctor, whoever can help you, asap.

    After all is clear you MUST get health insurance. Please do it for your own health! Even if it's catastrophic only. Go to the website and find a cheap plan that will at least cover you if something awful happens. No one should be without health insurance! I don't work for, but that is how I found a plan for DH and me.
  9. Most counties have a free clinics or super cheap (for example, $5 copay) health plans for people of limited financial means. I would look into this and see a doctor. Hek, you coule always skip on your next bag or sell one and use the money to see a doctor.
  10. I am also from NJ. Here in central jersey, the Visiting Nurse Association does have a clinic and the fees are very minimal. Check your county for clinics close to you.
    you can also contact you local hospital and check for their clinic hours.
    Best of luck to you.
  11. OK, so since i posted this they all went away. strange, but im not complaining. My mom talked to her regular doctor and shes going to examine me for free, and if she does any tests i wont have to pay that much. I have an appointment next week so hopefully it will all be good!