Seriously...I'm crazy and should be committed...

  1. After being so excited about my Stratus PM in Beige (about a month or so ago), I returned it because I wasn't crazy about the bulky straps. I also tried the Cirrus because I so badly wanted something from the cloud line...and returned it too. lol Well guess what?! I just repurchased the Stratus PM in Beige and will be picking it up on Friday. ROFLMBO Anybody else have those moments where you think this whole purse thing has got you a bit mental? :nuts:
  2. Here's pics of my first Stratus. lol
    louboutin 007 400x299.jpg stratus.jpg louboutin 008 400x299.jpg
  3. hey you!!!

    just got back from our 2weeks vacation.... *sorry hadn't written you back yet!*

    took my beige stratus pm with me, i get so many compliments on this bag!!!! you'll so enjoy this bag!

    congrats....again! yoohoo~~!:yahoo::heart::tup:
  4. Hi!!! Welcome back! Did you have fun???

    So, you kept the beige? I LOVE the beige. I'm so glad I got one back. =)
  5. Dude, I'm so changing my avatar picture to the old Stratus pic now (even though it won't be the actually one I get). lol
  6. lol! well it's the best way to be happy! I know what you mean.. trying to decide on bags is mentally challenging sometimes! :nuts:
  7. We all do crazy things . Glad your happy. congrats!
  8. lol. at least you know youll love it now.
  9. that's what I was I'll really appreciate it. =)
  10. Yeah we all suffer from moments of LV insanity! I am happy you are happy! I love love love my Stratus, I think you made the right choice, it is such a stunning bag.
  11. At least you NOW know you'll be happy with it!
  12. glad you were able to get it back.
  13. Congrats again!
  14. It was meant to be! Congrats!
  15. I'm totally understand you..I'm on that fence tooo...

    I've got Stratus PM in Beige and then changed to Ecru...then changed again to Cirrus...

    At that time, I though with that amount of money, I could buy long time classic like Suhali...

    So, I returned the Cirrus and bought the Suhali Lockit...

    Now, I'm regret for it.... I want something in this line...


    Ps. congrats on your new bag!!