Seriously, I am going to cry.

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  1. I can not stop stress eating. Literally, can not stop. There has been so much crap going on; between my big move to NY (packing up a house all by myself with two small children since my hubby is already there working), not having a closing date on my new house, the pain of moving away from my best friend, and of course the whole b-bag disaster (at least I did come clean to my husband; he did not know prior that I had spent that $$ on a bag).

    I can't stop this cycle. I eat, then throw up. Repeat 10x a day. This has been happening in cycles since I was 21. Whenever I go through a stressful time I handle it through food; which is just so disgusting. I have a daughter who will be 5 in June. I must stop for her.

    Has anyone ever beat an ED after having one for 12 years? Please, tell me this can be beat. :cry:
  2. Oh sweetie, everything is going to be okay. I cannot give any advice other than please consider seeing your doctor. There may be some medicine that can be prescribed so you feel better. Please know we are ALL here for you.
  3. Omg Becca. I'm sorry! Maybe you should see a doctor, they might be able to help.

    Hope you feel better! *hugs*
  4. Oh my goodness, Becca.

    I have got no experience with this, but I do know that you should get professional (medical) help to beat this. And I know you can do it -- because you do sound as though you want to beat it, so much.

    It's important not only to do it for your daughter, but also for your own health -- which is terribly important, and relevant to her well being as well.

    Please do take care, Becca!
  5. First of all, its not disgusting- its a serious disorder. Second, you must stop for YOURSELF because it is so harmful to your health! I had so many issues with food my whole life because of figure skating - and from the bottom of my heart Becca, the only way to stop is to realize that you need help! And this is not about food, but about control! PLEASE PM ME if you EVER need to talk about these underlying issues- because that is what fuels this. With all the sh*t that is going on, you are feeling overwhelmed, and that is totally understandable. But binging and purging only makes you feel more out of control (I know its counterintuitive) but from your post, you know that its a problem, and you obviously want it to stop! AND YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are all here for you if you ever need to vent and need support! But please get professional help to assist you through this eating disorder. It is hard work, but totally doable! And I know you can do it~!

  6. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take this advice. This is not a situation to dismiss. I too am here to talk anytime. I have not had this certain disorder, but am trying crazy hard to break a very bad habit of taking diet pills. I know how terrible you must feel. I am with you on this. Please get help! Please.
  7. I have a cousin with an ED and it breaks my heart to watch her suffer. I think you should seek professional help. It looks like you are on your way to getting better just by posting this tread. good luck
  8. Just look at your children and your daughter especially. She will know what you are doing and in turn grow up and do the same. I think our children are our biggest reality check. There is no shame in what you are doing only in not seeking help. Good luck and my thoughts and prayers are with you!
  9. Oh hun, please please can you find a professional to talk to? You really want someone who understands ED's. You sound so stressed - you have a LOT on your plate. Oh my!!! --This would make anyone crack! Or at least try to find a web forum of good, positive souls who can support you and are going through just what you are- and then maybe when you have more time after this move you can find someone who will help you through this. And you have the PFers! ;)
    Come here when it gets too much: jibber-jabber about bags, be in the company of a bunch of great people, each no doubt with their own demons to wrestle with.

    YES YES YES you can beat it, absolutely! I have close friends who have beaten this, and worse. I have food issues too, not the same as you, but I tend to comfort through food to make up for some pretty heavy losses in my life. I have issues with anxiety and I can tell you when you find a professional who "gets" you, and who is aware of the unique psychology behind ED's, a huge weight will lift and you will be on the right path. I've been through similar, and yes- easier said than done, but you will get through.

    You know you will be looking at some serious dental issues from purging? If that's what you're doing, it's really bad for your body. You seem like a smart cookie. You're probably very aware and have Googled all this already. What can I say but I hate to see people hurting, I can relate, and a huge ((((((HUG)))))))))
  10. Hang in there sweetie. Please see a doctor immediately!!! YES, you can beat it!!! It is tough but we're all here for you.
  11. Thanks guys. As embarassed as I am to post about this, I had to. I just feel so alone. I do not have anyone to talk about it with; not only is my husband not here, but does not like to discuss my "problem". He is a wonderful man but thinks it is in my head and that I can stop at anytime. I have been to therapy; three or four times in my life. At one point, I was accepted into the Renfrew Center in Philadelphia for their outpatient day program. I did not go because I couldn't afford the treatment (this was back in 2000).

    Once I am settled in NY, I will look for a therapist who specializes in ED. You are all right; I need to do it for myself, and I need to do it NOW.
  12. Please don't be ashamed of this. Sometimes there are underlying issues that make us deal with stress in distorted ways. I'm so glad you admitted it because as we all know that's the first step. You really do need to take this seriously for your sake and your daughter's sake. (Did anyone see that Oprah the other day about mothers and daughters and how daughters are sensitive to the energy of their mother's, nto the words they say, and reflect what they sense?). There are lots of therapists who specialize in this. You deserve to get help and be happy. We are here for you.
  13. Becca- you are not alone at all! And it is not uncommon for people to go through several doctors till they find the right one, or until something just clicks and things fall into place. It takes a lot of courage to post your thread, just allow yourself to lean on someone who can provide professional help so that you can become well.
  14. Wow becca, i think we wrote our posts at almost the same time and they do seem to mirror each other in a kind of cool way. Anyway, just wanted to say, you have all of our energy supporting you and I know you can overcome this
  15. Oh my Becca. I can totally understand how you are feeling. I lived thru this with my sister who has an ED. Please seek more help, you have already reached out to us and this must have been a hugh step for you. My sister works at her ED everyday but yes for now she has beat it.

    The days certainly look dark right now but your beautiful family can help too. The internet and phone will be great to keep in contact with your friend. As for the bag incident, hopefully that will resolve itself very soon.

    PM any of us anytime I am sure anyone would be glad to chat. Maybe there is a member you have met here who will live near you.