Seriously, how many times do you...

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  1. ....check the blog while at work?

    I think when I first started, I was okay, once or twice a day. Now? Completely different story. I think this is the fifth or sixth time I've checked today. It's totally becoming a habit.
  2. oh goodness - if I weren't my own boss I would block this webpage from my computer, nuff said. :P
  3. Honestly, I'm at home and I probably check in 7 to 8 times a day. My husband thinks I've gone crazy. I mostly check for info on sales and new bags.
  4. I think 3-4 times during the day.
  5. hmmm, i've lost count! i must of logged in at least 4 times already this morning! its nearly 10am here and i'll be staying on all day (as usual) :shame:
  6. I am new here and on this sight off and on all day. When my hubby got home from work this morning, he laughed and said "Hey where is the website for husbands who have lost their wives to other purse loving women. We need support too"!
  7. Maybe we should make a section for desperate husbands and boyfriends in this forum :lol:
  8. i try not to check at work, but sometimes it happens...opps. but i check it several times when i get home. today we had a big storm and my office so was closed, so i was here off and on all day. love now days!
  9. If school counts, I'm on it all the time :lol: Especially when I have my student gov hours lol.
  10. LOL...too true
  11. Good idea!
  12. I second that idea :lol:
  13. I sneak a peek when no one is around. I need an office so I can have PF time without interruptions :P Most of the time I'm here on my lunch hour at work. I don't like leaving the office during lunch most days, the traffic is :blink:
  14. Whoa, this is so funny! My fiance supports my incessant blogging here:biggrin:- he thinks its cute, his new line when he comes in is "What's new at your PF?":amuse:

  15. I've constantly got one eye on my computer and another on my 9 month old daughter, and for anyone who has young children, you'll know that I should be keeping both eyes on her:nuts: !!!! LOL