cute is this?

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  1. My 9.99 pony tail scarf I picked up at the outlet yesterday!!!:yahoo:
  2. That scarf is sooo adorable!! Looks awesome on your tote:tup:
  3. That Scarf is so cute, looks great on you tote.
  4. Very pretty!! I just got into ponytail scarves but I'm so sad that all my outlet had was the brown. :sad:
  5. Okay, that is a hot scarf!!:nuts: Can you tell me the style number?
  6. I am guessing it is on the price tag? If yes, I can get it for you when I get home. I'm just kicking myself I did not pick up the green too...even though I have no clue what I would have put it on. Being on this site is what has got me into "decorating" my girls!
  7. What a great combo looks great!
  8. I cant believe these scarves are at the outlets already!!!
    Looks great on your bag:smile:
  9. Gorgeous! Love the black/white combo. I hope my outlet has some 9.99 scarves next week, but I doubt it. They seem to get the "ugly step-sisters" of scarves at my outlet!

  10. Yes it will be on the price tag but, don't worry about it. I found it on the bay, #98522. Thanks anyway!!:tup:
  11. How cute? SUPER CUTE!!! I love that scarf on your bag, it looks great. I'm definitely going to be scarf hunting when if I can get to an outlet in the near future.

  12. :roflmfao: My outlet usually only has the outlet scarves which is why I try to get them at the boutique or off the bay.
  13. Great look on that bag!
    Perfect bow!
  14. That is seriously cute on that tote! Congrats!
  15. They're the 12CM Bias Op Art ponty tail scarves and I managed to pick up three of them at my local Coach outlet on Saturday for $9.99 each in the black, khaki, and green colors. I don't know if they're available in any other colors though.