Seriously Gross Ebay Want ad


Aug 11, 2010

I am seeking dark colored knee high nylons(prefer reinforced toes), sheer socks and stockings that have become stiff with dried perspiration and soiled in the toe and sole area.If you have feet which present a very strong cheesy/vinegary scent, I prefer to purchase hosiery worn by you.The stronger the scent, the more desireable.Reinforced toes are the best , but will consider all reasonable offers.Please contact me with your ideas and questions. Thank you kindly!


I have no words....


Jan 31, 2010
there is a whole foot fetish community on eBay. In fact there is so code word to use for listing to attract them. Well Worn and Trashed are the keywords I think. I only know this because years ago my DH liquidated shoes for dept. stores. Most of the shoes were new or gently worn but every so often used shoes came in and he threw them out but he would be contacted by people who asked if he had used shoes. He contemplated listing them but was just too grossed out to do it just imagining what type of people wanted them. If you dare go on eBay and search well worn or trashed shoes or socks there are a TON of listings up there and people make their living selling this stuff.



Aug 11, 2010
Im seriously beyond grossed out that someone took 2 min to type that out. I went to revise an auction i have up and somehow got onto the want ads under heels, i should not have clicked on it.....
Mar 3, 2010
Honolulu, Hawaii
Some people have ads asking for worse things on CL... Someone keeps posting for used women's "stuff" on my local CL... very groooooooossssssssssssssssssssssssss


How Sentimental
Jan 14, 2009
Where the wild things are
meh.........different strokes for different folks (pun definitely intended :graucho:)

They are usually harmless, unlike the real sickos who hurt others while getting their jollies---just watch the news these days :sad:


Dec 22, 2009
East Coast
that is just too gross for words, the description is what creeps me out.

I had a boss who had a toe/foot fetish and as we would sometimes wear sandals to work in the summer, he was constantly checking our feet out. The first time I encountered it I was in a meeting with him and noticed he kept looking at my feet. I started worrying that my shoes were inappropriate (simple, heeled sandals). I kept trying to maneuver my legs so my shoes were hidden thinking that any minute he was going to tell me that my shoes were not proper work attire. when the meeting ended I went to my supervisors office and asked if my shoes were okay for work and told her what happened, she started laughing and said 'you poor thing, I should of warned you but M had a foot fetish!'. needless to say I took good care to hide my feet whenever we had meetings with him!!! as poopsie said, they usually are harmless and my boss was perfectly harmless albeit quirky!