Seriously funny rant on Ikea

  1. lol how true
  2. i can kinda relatel. their customer service sucks, but i didn't have as many problems. i was able to put my bed set, dresser and nightstand together. it was NOT easy to assemble and it took me forever. the quality is crap, so i've learned never to buy furniture there ever again. basically, you get what you pay for. might as well shell out more money to get something more durable and will last longer.

    i can deal with buying smaller items for home decor, though.
  3. Lol, her rant sounds like a lot of what I'd say. I hate Ikea! Funny enough... my horrible experience with Ikea was with the exact same store the rant is about.
  4. I like their swedish meatballs though. All 10 of them. (they count them). And their pancakes and ligonberries are TDF! too bad their furniture is useless. cheap, wobbly, overpriced, strangely named crap! (skrin, bjorna, lycklig, just give me a damn shelf!)
  5. Wow.......:wtf:
  6. lol i read this as i lie on my ikea bedframe, which is next to my two matching ikea nightstands, which are next to my ikea mirror and my ikea dresser. which are against the walls of my room which are lined with pictures from ikea.

    and my curtains are from ikea too. did i leave anything out?
  7. Lol, all my furniture are from ikea, which i don't mind.. but my bed is important. i dont have a real bed yet (it's currently the bottom bunk of a bunk bed! the top is elsewhere!) i've contemplated getting it, it's only $150 after all for the one i want.. but it's getting it home that's the hard part. lol.

    BUT! Now, RH is offering twin gorgeous solid wood and upholstered beds, and i get 40% all regular priced items including catalog/web stuff, so now i'm soo buying it from my store instead. haha. They're not exactly what I want, but they're of lasting and excellent quality that I can't pass up the opportunity!

    ps. things ikea in my room:
    -- corner desk workstation that i use as my corner entertainment center (holds dvds, dvd player, vcr, directv unit, tv, magazines, notes, vhs movies, etc)
    -- 2 x freestanding wardrobe units
    -- regular desk workstation that matches the corner desk.. which they happen to be right next to each other, so i have double the desk space for all my crap. lol.
    -- 3 drawer dresser, which i find to be sort of falling apart cuz i have too many clothes! lol oh well.
    -- tall bookcase showcasing my lonely betta fish that lives in an ikea vase, and my coffee table books and trinkets.
    -- short bookcase showcasing all my LV boxes and neat store boxes/bags.
    -- storage boxes.. they're all over, including in the bookcases.
    -- vases of flowers all over my room.. all ikea and in varying shapes/sizes
    -- sand/rocks to keep flowers in place, in varying colors/shapes
    -- window hardware to hang draperies
    -- 2 sets of window draperies: 1 set in dark brown linen flanking my window, and 1 set in a light taupe in the window area. they hang floor to ceiling, wall to wall.
    -- 2x desk organizer for papers, bills, pens, etc
    -- martini glasses/drinking glasses. i keep them in my room cuz god knows if i put them in the kitchen, some idiot is gonna break them (i have tenants in my house).
    -- magazine file storage boxes.. they're all over the tops of both desks, and both wardrobes, so they make me look super smart/tidy. lol.
    -- all my clothes hang on the light wood finish hangers.
    -- all 4 laundry hampers are ikea.
    -- bedside lamp
    -- Diva's food/treat/toy storage drawer unit
    -- shoe organizer in the closet that came with the room
    -- sweater/off season boxes
    -- framed mirrors across my wall in cute grouping
    -- cd divider/organizer that goes in the bookcase
    -- desk lamp over my computer
    -- light bulbs for both lamps
    -- floor mirror
    -- bed linens/sheet sets & towel sets
    -- rug on the floor.. i have a few to rotate out for the season/mood.

    lol. i really could go on and on. i LIVE in ikea. especially since the nearest one is literally next door to south coast plaza. lol.

    i could relate, yes.. but in all honesty, and coming from me working at Restoration Hardware, where one nightstand will set you back nearly $1,000... i know what i'm getting myself into and i know what to go for at certain ages. Really, you do get what you pay for, and people that ***** about RH prices being too expensive, FINE! go buy that ikea **** ten times and see which is more expensive... 10 x cheap crap, or 1 x excellent investment??

    all the stuff i own, it's because:
    a) it's convient, unlike what the guy rants about it being far - seriously, the one here lives on South Coast Drive. I work about 3 blocks down from it, and I live about 4 miles north of it.
    b) it's cheap. for a early 20's kid, and living at home, what's the point of having expensive furniture if i'm just gonna move out in a few years anyway? Like anyone wants to move a 10,000 lb 11drawer solid maple wood dresser up a few flight of stairs? no! i'd rather move the 3 drawer particle board birch-veneered flatboxed dresser that weighs 15lbs instead!
    c) did i mention it's cheap? if in the event of a fire or buglary (knocks on real wood), and everything is destroyed, i wouldn't cry a frickin river for the lost furniture. my entire room probably costs less than one nightstand at RH. Actually, now that I total it up, it costs about less than half of that.

    All in all, ikea is great for the demographic they used to target: young college students that are on the move in a dynamic setting.

    for the older folks (i'm talking married, kids, house, and car with career or whatever, usually in their late 30's and up) that are too stupid to know better, or too cheap to know what it's worth.. ikea is NOT the way to go. people that "drop a LOT of cash" on ikea, has got to be kidding me. a lot of cash has to be over $10,000 to me. And working at RH, that is easily an entire bedroom set.

    just for kicks (from Sutter collection, one of our top selling collections):
    1 king bed: $2,000
    2 nightstands: $2,000
    1 5-drawer dresser: $1,500
    1 11-drawer dresser: $2,800
    1 wardrobe: $2,000
    easily over $10,000 right there. see?

    comparitively to ikea:
    1 king bed: $200
    2 nightstands: $150
    1 5drawer dresser: $150
    1 11drawer dresser if it exists.. probably $250
    1 wardrobe: $100
    under $1,000.

    people like him annoy me because it's retarded. it's like going to 7-11 and buying their "gourmet coffee" and expecting a Starbucks quality! Psh! Or going into Wal-Mart and expecting to be waited on hand & foot like in a boutique store! Like that'll ever happen! So trying to get decent quality furniture out of Ikea is retarded. That'll never happen and the day it does, is when a cheaper Ikea is introduced to the world.

    They're cheap for a reason, and the reason is to continuously buy more of the same thing you bought that broke earlier. simple as that.

    </vent> sorry... i just really hate people that complain about the stupid obvious things that they had/have control over.
  8. HA HA HA! That's hilarious. I, myself, have some Ikea furniture (kids drawers, bookshelf, wardrobe shelving) and have a blast putting it together. I love it! I think the quality is ok, but I wouldn't use it for any high-traffic areas.
  9. I totally agree with you Frozen. When you go to IKEA, you know what to expect. I must say it has changed my life when I had to move out of my parents.......on a super low budget you can have stylish young contemporary furniture.....No, I had never seen that before in France where all you could get was either your old grandma´s stuff, or the next hypermarket furniture with florals all over....:yucky:
    As for the names, yes they are funny well it´s part of the scandinavian feeling......It´s for the rest of the places like Mc Donalds, Starbucks, Blockbusters, Dunkin´Donuts, Burger King, KFC, etc....etc...etc... we always have to put up with american strange names as well...but it´s part of the american feeling of the place.
    I hate people like that who don´t want to pay but complain of the lack of this and that
    :heart: I LOVE IKEA:heart:
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  11. edited for bad language on the above ^
  12. Is astrofort spamming?

    Seriously though I agree you pay for what you get.

    In saying that I have an ikea sofa in the spare room and three years later its still going strong!
  13. Frozen you're absolutely right!! Anybody who expect great quality for this price just doesn't live in the real world! I'm over my IKEA phase but when we were younger we bought our first furnitures for our first appartment there and we had a bedroom and a living room for 1500$.
    You get what you pay for it's as simple as this. I actually can't stand the people who ***** about IKEA if they don't like it then please buy Rolf Benz but there 1500$ just buys you an arm chair. My pink room has the Billy shelfs in it and that's o.k. for an office or coffe drinking room. I know that the Billies probably won't survive a move but I knew it before and I didn't buy them for lifetime. That are just my 2 cents.
  14. In terms of customer service, I don't think they are any better or any worse than anyone else. My dining room table and chairs are from there, and I love them. Simple and attractive. I have two bookcases in the living room that look really nice, and all of the furniture (except for the bed) in my spare bedroom are Ikea. The only thing that I have that really irritates me is the chair in my office. This is the replacement chair, and it has the same problem as the first; a caster fell out the the screw is stripped, so it won't stay in.