Seriously Banned!

  1. I am so sad and stressed. I just found out that I am going back to school THIS Monday and I thought it was the Tuesday following MLK Day. So I figured I would be working all week and make good money to catch up on some bills but nooooo. Argh! So no more bags for me until my credit cards are really paid off. I need to stick to it his time! It's a good thing I'm not a fan of any of the new bags coming out so far. But everyone needs to keep me on track and give me doses of pics to keep me in line. Lol Thanks for letting me go crazy for a minute. phew :cursing:
  2. Awwww if you need a buddy to stay on track, i'm here! I'm not allowed to get ANY Coach (aside from RAOK!) until my birthday in JUNE.
  3. Well the good news is you have recently bought some incredible and incredibly expensive bags so you should be satisfied for a while. :tup: I am in the same boat, just enjoying my bags and getting out of debt. I am a SAHM and with this close to recession crap things are getting scary work wise where I live atleast. It's crazy what even an outlet bag can buy in the non purse world!!! :wtf:
  4. I'm going back to school on Monday as well... :sad:
  5. It's MUCH more important to be debt free than to buy handbags w/ credit cards!!! Just think what you could be saving for w/ that money....the big house, the big cars, the big vacations, not to mention children!!!!! Handbags will always be there!!! It's so much more important to save for the BIG things in life and not have credit card debt!!!! Then buy the handbags when the debt is gone!!!! They will mean much more this way!!!Good luck!!!! and have fun in school!!!!! Wish I were still in school!!!! Enjoy it b/c the time goes sooooooo fast and then you will be wishing you could go back!!!!
  6. ^^^ good info and advice!
  7. I loved being in school, and think that most girls that you go to school with couldn't afford a Leigh or anything close to it! You will be taking more time to focus on the bags you already have and make sure they are truly well-loved! It will give you some good breathing room too. This place tends to work newer people into a frenzy and they see all the pretty stuff, and buy buy buy....but that isn't reality for most people, so just use this time to relax!!!

    If you need a good support channel, pop over to the Money Talks forum and read either Twiggers' 'curbing consumerism' thread or the bag ban buddy club thread. Both are really great tools at helping people have the support they need!
  8. I am back at school already!! and I am a little tired cause I am still working! I am saving up for a car so I can get a job at the coach store by my school!
  9. I understand how you feel. But insead of calling it a ban I call it being in control of my purse frenzie, seems easier to me that way lol. Im not buying anything right now.......just doing lots of saving instead:jammin:!
  10. I have the same problem. Once school starts on Monday I'll be cutting my work hours back from 36-44 to only 8-12 hours a week so my disposable income will be non-existent:crybaby:
  11. Well I got a new bag from exchanging my Leigh (pics after work promise!) Thank you everyone. I feel okay now. I have been sick which really stinks. I was hoping to be better before school but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. I have sinusitis which is chronic sinus infections. It stinlks! Let's just hope my bad headaches don't interfer with my attention span. Again thank you everyone for your support. I will be posting pics later of me new purchases in a new thread.
  12. If it makes you feel any better I started school this PAST monday! I couldnt believe my break was so short!!!
  13. Being debt free is important. But you aren't alone. I started school and am working to pay off my credit card while I still have 0% interest. I'm also on a ban until the March PCE... just in time for my birthday!
  14. :tup::tup::tup::tup:
  15. i saw you posted on another thread you were expecting a bag today and I knew you were banned and didnt say but I also didnt know you had exchanged your other one! Save your money while you are in school and buy a great big AWESOME one after break or something!