seriously, are there any authentic online balenciaga retailers?

  1. i have searched this forum upside down, and there seems to be issues with every website i know. bluefly for one, laperle, and those others.

    are there any legit online retailers for balenciaga bags? perhaps older collections too?
  2. Aloha Rag, is a serious retailer, you can visit on, you can also try Just write them a mail and they send you their current stock list.
  3. Not retailers, the stores that are authorized to sell Balenciaga bags in their brick and mortar locations (some Saks, Nieman Marcus, Barneys, etc.) are not allowed to offer the bags online. The Gucci Group which owns Balenciaga doesn't want their bags sold online. Chanel does the exact same thing.

    You will find some consignment stores that sell authentic Balenciaga bags, but most of them don't have much inventory and sell out pretty quickly.
  4. The quick answer is: NO

    (i.e., there is no web retailer dealing w/brand-new, authentic Balenciagas where you can click on the Balenciaga bag you want, click "add to cart" and check out using your CC)*

    *except, very rarely, Yoox and Bluefly...but selection is extremely limited and usually no motorcycle bags
  5. Styledrops sells authentic Balenciaga online. But I don't recommend them. They're pricey, Balenciga selection is not great, and their customer service leaves much to be desired.
  6. Ive never been on before, but I noticed their Balenciaga bags seem to be a lot cheaper. For example, the weekender- its only 1240 USD at most. Am I just crazy or are the weekenders actually this cheap at NM? Is something wrong with them? Are they used? I assume this wouldnt be a site that sells fakes if someone has posted it here...please help!
  7. The site seems great they have a lot of colors

  8. Just a warning about Diabro...before you buy from them, check the thread from a few weeks ago regarding their service...Not worth the hassle IMO...:cursing:
  9. I remember that ... and that's why I've been hesitant about ordering from them. On the other hand, there have also been some good postings about them.
  10. I ordered from Sabine's Boutique after reading that Vlad knew her personally and vouched for her. The customer service was great, and no need to fax bank statements and driver's license like with diabro. See thread:

    Also, if you are looking for pre-loved, Ann's Fabulous Finds is supposed to be good. I haven't ordered from her, so I can't comment on the service.
  11. Hey lmiller4, Diabro's prices are great on certain items/colors because those items are on sale! :smile: Which is why I decided to purchase my Grenat Work from them. Their price just couldn't be beat...:nuts:

    I've not had any difficulty with Diabro -- granted it's my first purchase with them. Just make sure that if you pay via PayPal, which I did in this case, that your PayPal details and those on your Diabro account match. That was the only hassle I got from them...
  12. I've found that the best way to get a certain answer is to contact Balenciaga directly. If you go to their official website, and the contact page discussing counterfeits and on-line selling, they state their policy and provide telephone numbers to call or an email address for inquiries to confirm whether a retailer is authorized by Balenciaga. I haven't ever dealt with or asked about it, but I'm sure you could if you want to.
  13. I have had only positive experiences with Diabro.

    I placed a very high dollar order with them, used my CC through PayPal and my order was shipped the next day and arrived to me in 3 business days.

    Just wanted to give my .02 about them. :smile: