Serious question:how many is too many? My husband says....

  1. My husband says that to have 4 or 5 birkins, plus 1 or 2 kellys or bolides in different colors or sizes, would not be too many, but that if I had, say, upwards of 8 birkins or 13 Hermes bags total, he would start thinking it was bizarre. I tend to agree with him frankly, at least in my case. Right now I have two birkins (gold and chocolate), waiting for a third (black); just bought a bolide (black), and am waiting for a kelly (gold or black). At three Hermes bags, I am nowhere near my "husband thinking I am nuts" number yet, and will still be under the threshold even if everything on my wish list comes in. I think my personal limit is 4 or 5 birkins, 2 kellys, maybe 2 bolides, tops. If I had a chance to buy a natural sable birkin, I probably would, and that would be 4. More than that, I wouldnt have enough use out of some of them to justify the use of funds. Do you guys have a similar threshold number that you, or your significant other/husband/partner, are not psychically comfortable going beyond without feeling bizarre?
  2. Recently, I've come to terms with the fact that I really don't NEED as many as I thought I did. I have one Birkin 35 and one Trim and really would be content to have one more box Kelly, one Bolide 31 and one Chevre Kelly in my lifetime. Anything else is icing on the cake!
  3. I am also trying to be thoughtful about my collection. I am currently pondering my second birkin and am anxiously awaiting the medium size Paris Bombay.
  4. ^^^^^I am pretty much at the end of my list and am waiting for the SO's to arrive and make a few more podium orders, but you never know what's in store. I'm really starting to like the sac en V.

    I guess I really can't say enough is enough with Hermes.
  5. Hermes is for a lifetime is my way of thinking.....and, like HG, I'm getting close to the end of my list as well. I think for me the purchase of a 30cm Birkin, a Constance and my little Plume Elan GM would round out my collection beautifully. BUT! My problem is that it's those "special" bags I am always drawn to. Those vintage beauties ...... they ALWAYS call my name!!!!
  6. Sounds like you do have a good grasp on your DH's threshold. I do love the way you call it a "use of funds."

    Out of the all the bags Out There the Hermes are truely (as you know) classic forever bags. I always think about by girls and their girls carrying them... So many you can't have too many. Remember we are just caretakers for the next generation (I know someone has a quote that goes something like that in their reply to thead).
  7. I don't want to have so many that I don't use and love them all...I currently have 1 kelly (another on it's way!); 1 pb; 1 bolide and 1 plume; and a birkin on hold. I think this is more than enough..however..I think I want a spring summer in toile (kelly or birkin?) and perhaps another bolide one day in a squishy leather..The nice part is there are always accessories to keep enjoying! I try to keep my bag number to 10 and under, and have 2 LV bags for other uses...I can always sell one if I feel the need for something else though..
  8. Oh Shoes whats the birkin like that youre holding ? I have 1 kelly and 3 birkins ,jpg birkin and a jpg kelly i would love a gold 32 kelly or gold birkin and a orange 37 mou bolide then i am done honestly ,yeah right i wish...
  9. I'm really happy with my Evelyne but I would like to get a Birkin a few years maybe. But I'm satisfied right now. :smile:
  10. birkingirl, it's a raisin in chevre, 30 w/ph...I can't wait!
  11. I have a DH who loves cars....and he buys, sells cars, keeps some awhile then trades trades. People who know he loves cars will call him, email him....offer him cars, offer to buy.....same with me and the Hermes SAs ( offer to sell ), he understands. It's I who have the limit( and limit isn't quite the right word..maybe parameter is the word.... ) in my mind about how many I need or even want. I am not very social...I work for myself...have no real dresscode except my I try to have enough for my lifestyle/moods *grin* ( and I CAN be moody about Hermes!)

    And, Hermes is's enjoyable talk to the SAs about what has come in, and look on this forum to see what everyone is talking about. And, who knows, I might suddenly need something I didn't know I did before... simply by reading about it on tpf, seeing pics and/or talking to my SA:yes: So, I feel too many is entirely up to each individual...which I feel most of us are saying here.
  12. I think that there is a limit for each of us, yes. In my dreams, I would like EVERY color kelly, evedr!!! So I could see stopping with Birkins, but not kelly...:lol:
  13. Great question Stephanie; I'm sure DH would like to know the definitive answer to that one. I do think like GT and the others that I'm at the tail-end of my list, but who knows how my tastes/lifestyle will change down the road that may merit something else that's not currently on my wishlist. With the addition of 1 or 2 neutral Birkins, a JPG, a mini-Kelly for evening, a Bolide or Plume, black Kelly, croc Birkin or Kelly I think that could be it...the problem is that H comes out with such gorgeous colors so who knows what I'll fall in love with down the road. :graucho:
  14. ^^^You all have GREAT collections. I am so happy with my HAC, my box kelly, and now my Evelyne. I only buy what I know I will use and can take some abuse. I am just seeking a 30cm/35cm Birkin, and a vintage Kelly, and then I think I will be well rounded enough. I still love my Chanels, and 1 LV, and vintage guccis, Christian Dior, and Pradas w/ a few coaches from when I was younger. I don't think I will go all the way Hermes, but I know that they can be addicting and once you have the best, you can't go back.

    Hubby only said one, but now it's up to 3 :nuts: OOPS, I guess I can't count?
  15. It is such a personal situation for each person, and our lives and circumstances change as we get older. Some of us have children to support or send to college, others simply have other priorities or needs. If money is no object, who is to say how many is too many.
    Personally I think it's nice to have many choices or color or style but we probably have one or two favorite H bags that we reach for most of the time as our personal workhorse. For me I'd like to have the number of H bags as would work for most situations and seasons in my life. I wouldn't want more than that, since it would just take up a lot of room in my closet, complicate my life, and take away from my other enjoyment (or responsibility). I feel grateful for what I have now even though I wouldn't mind a few more if things turn out that way. However, I really enjoy reading about and seeing pictures of my fellow tPFers' bags.