Serious LV Dilemma

  1. So, maybe it's not that serious but, it's still a dilemma :shame: So, I don't know which bag I should get....

    I've been in love with the black epi Alma forever. It's just so beautiful and sleek. However, I don't really want to break the $1000 barrier just yet, seeing as though I am young and have plenty of time to buy such a bag in the future. I just have some reservations about spending over $1000 on a bag and I don't know why.

    The second bag I'm thinking about is the Damier Speedy. I love this too, however, I don't really wear that much brown or similar tones (I usually stick to black) so I'm not sure about this one. I'm drawn to this one because it is also really beautiful and the price suits me better, yet having reservations about the colours.

    I also really like the Luella Stevie tote, but I don't think this is as classic as the Alma. Also, I'm not really sure if it's really me, if that makes sense.

    Finally, I know a decent compromise between the Alma and the Speedy is an epi speedy, though I'm not drawn to it as much as the alma and the damier speedy separately. I leave for Paris in a few days and was planning to buy it over there, otherwise I'd probably look at alternate sources to find the Alma.

    Sorry, I know this is a super long post and that I've basically just written down my thoughts and that no one can really definitively decide for me. Though, I'd really appreciate comments and thoughts :biggrin:
  2. why don't you search the forums to look at pictures of other people's bags and then when you get to the store, try on all 3 and one of them will feel "right" to you. Try going to a store near you before going to Paris to do a test run!
  3. seem more drawn to the Epi Alma as opposed to the other bags. You actually kind of seem like you're trying to convince yourself to buy something else lol. Really, I'd go with the Epi Alma. That's your first choice and it doesn't sound like you'd found anything too comparable yet.
  4. i'm going to have to agree with lvbabydoll...why buy a compromise? :biggrin:
  5. try them on in the store- then you'll have your answer! the epi line is really timeless, so you are choosing among winners.
  6. Agreed. If you go with something you don't really love, the bag you wanted all along will still be on your mind, until you finally do give in and get it.

    It sounds like you really want the Epi Alma. Go for it :cool:
  7. I would go with the epi alma. In your post, it seems you are more drawn to it than the others.
  8. Always follow you heart! Anything worth having is worth waiting for.
    Don't compromise and talk yourself into the cheaper option, you won't use it or love it and you will have spent a chunk o' change you could have put towards the one you really want. An epi alma is a fantastic classic style you can use FOREVER! It will never be out of fashion and speaking as a true LV lover of ten years, If you love it now, you will always love it and use it. ahhhh and to get it in Paris, tax refund and a great memory. Wait till you get to the Champs-Elysees store, your head will spin! GOOD LVCK!
  9. I'd go with the black epi Alma too!
    Helped buy this for sis' colleague in Madrid, I have never thought of buying Alma AND black, but after holding that piece in my arm, I'm seriously tempted! :yes:
    Assuming you're talking about 1000USD? The epi Alma is 695euros and you get a 12% tax rebate when buying in, so you may not exceed?
  10. Epi Alma is beautiful. Don't settle for another one. You seem to love this one the most! It should be yr 1st LV bag!!!
  11. I'd go with what you really love. And plus you can get a used one from a MPRS for less than 1000$ !
  12. I'm in Australia, so even with the tax rebate it's still over $AU1000 :cry: And it's just such a large chunk of my holiday money gone too if I get the Alma. :huh:
  13. Don't compromise yourself. Because if you do, you are going to end up with a bag you half love. Get something you're truely going to love.
  14. You can always look for secondhand one from MPRS..
  15. Sounds like you love the black epi alma by heart. If you don't get it now when it's around $1000, think about the future price increases. :graucho: