Serious advice needed!

  1. Alright, so as you ladies all know I've been working at Coach for about a month or so. Today, I was in the store checking my schedule when the manager approached me.

    She knows I hate my full-time job. I love what I do but I hate my job. It's horrible. I hate my boss. I'm unhappy all the time.

    She offered me a full-time assistant manager's position because she says she thinks I'd be great for it even though I haven't been with the company long. It pays about a dollar an hour less than I'm making now, and it has full benefits just like my current company. I would also have to pay the company I work for $400 for reimbursement for them paying for my moving expenses to come across the country and work for them. With Coach, I'd be doing mainly visuals-- the interior appearance of the store. And that's my FAVORITE part.

    So I have to decide. I live in fear of someone being like "You didn't go to college to work in retail." But I love working at Coach and I wouldn't mind making a career of it! If it was you, what would you do? What questions should I ask her about the position? I obviously have to make sure I'm working at least 40 hours a week to make ends meet. My dad says I should follow my heart and my fiancee says I should do what makes me happy and that he's tired of me being unhappy all the time. They both said that if I'm unhappy where I work I won't be happy in life.

    But what do you guys think? Advice! You're all wise!
  2. First off, the salary is probably negotiable. If they approached you, they want you - which gives you a slight edge. So that $1 less per hour might not be an issue.

    As for the $400 you have to pay back - your current company might not even ask for it back.

    Think of other benefits - as a coach asst manager, what's your career path going to look like? Do you get other benefits such as espp (employee stock purchase plan) or do they give you stock options? Will you be happy in a career in retail?
    Would you ever consider moving up the ladder w/coach and moving to work at their corp offices?

    So many things to consider. basically if you're unhappy in your current job, leave for the coach job - but only if you will think you'll be happy as an assistant manager .
  3. in the end your happiness is what is most important :yahoo:
  4. I am not going to advise you either way, but I don't think that I'd make a life changing decision based on the advice of complete strangers you've met on a public internet forum. Considering that this is a COACH forum, most people here will more than likely tell you to take the management position with Coach. The people on this forum don't know you and will not have to live with the consequences of the choice you make, so keep that in mind.

    Make a list of the pros and cons of BOTH jobs and compare them. That should help you to make an educated and well thought out decision - one that you will not regret.
  5. You'll probably end up making more if you do accept the position and stay with them long term.

    You should do research on how likely it'll be to move up in the company.

    God I would kill to work in the fashion industry. Besides, the job will be laid back and you'll love what you're doing! What more can you ask for in a job?
  6. True true :smile: Advice from strangers on a forum won't help me make the decision but I think it gives me other perspectives to look at the situation from.
  7. There's nothing worse than hating going to work every day, even if you're getting well paid. Finzup made some great points.

    I would ask about job opportunities moving up within the company in the future. "What would a career at Coach mean?" Think of it--they're a large company like many others and there could be lots of other opportunities over time. Your degree may help you get into those higher positions.

    I would definitely ask if they could match the $1 difference if possible and check 401k options/matching, medical, dental, etc. benefits.

    If you love it and can see doing other things down the road at Coach, you should go for it if it also makes economic sense.

    You're very young yet--too young to spend your life doing work you don't enjoy. And who knows? You may end up a Coach big wig being quoted in BusinessWeek some day!
  8. I agree with Finzup. You need to take a hard look at the position and the company itself, particularly room for advancement, future salary increases, bonuses, retirement, etc. Do you see yourself with Coach long term?

    If you're not happy with your current employer, are there any other potential employers in your area you could approach in your current field? Ask yourself whether it's the employer you hate or the field of work. If it's the field of work, then a switch to some other field might make sense. If it's just the employer though, you need to explore other alternatives in your area.

    Bottom line of course is that you should and need to be happy doing what you do. Life is definitely too short to work in a place you dislike.

    You obviously have a lot to offer and must be a good employee. Don't sell yourself short.
  9. If you don't mind me asking, what do you do for a living now? In your full-time job?
  10. I think it gets very hectic during PCE, holidays, take that into consideration.
  11. I'm a graphic designer. I work for the company that does Sam's Club's advertising, I design their ads and signage. And I love graphic design but it took me almost a year after graduating to find a decent paying job (read: more than $9 an hour) in the field here in arkansas, and I'm only making mid-30's salary which sucks, you make a lot more in other areas of the country. But here you either work for walmart or for a company that does and it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to find a job in my field-- none of my friends who have my degree that graduated over a year ago have found jobs in the field. And I really, really hate wal-mart/sam's club. Working for them or for one of their vendors IS A NIGHTMARE. They are horrible to their employees and to their vendors/suppliers; mostly because they CAN be. Don't like it? Go somewhere else. World's biggest retailer. LOL.
  12. True, but no offense it's not rocket science or brain bad can it be?
  13. May I add that I'm a little irritated this got moved since it's about working for COACH? LOL. Oh, well.
  14. Oh I see, well Walmart/Sam's Club is notorious for not being the best employers...

    There's a piece on them in a book called "Nickeled and Dimed" - great read.

    Anyway, do more research on it. I agree with what lots of people are's a big change and maybe we'll be bias b/c we all love Coach...

    What do you want to do?
  15. As a former retail employee (I've worked for a small, independent boutique and also Limited Brands) I gotta say that there is career advancement potential in retail if you're really in love with your job. My manager at Limited Brands did really well salary-wise, and she wasn't even that far up in the company. And a few employees who worked at the boutique went on to open their own boutique (a risky venture, but what they wanted to do). I don't know about career advancement potential at Coach, you could ask about that of course, but there is certainly a place in retail for a college educated and motivated gal (you can do well for yourself). And if you're not happy in graphic design and not looking to relocate, this may be the best option for you.