serial tag

  1. in the interior pocket. Mine doesn't have one? I know it's authentic but isn't it supposed to?
  2. The serial tags are not found in every bag. Both of my MPs donot have serial tags nor does my scarlet, but my quilted hobo, mia polina and carmens do have on in the interior pocket. What bag are you looking in?
  3. oh sorry. I meant for stams.
  4. Frances, I do not own a stam. I know that the gals that do own one will be along soon and can let you know. Sorry!
  5. that's ok. thanks anyway.
  6. There should be a tag inside the small pocket inside the bag. It's not really a serial number, but it's just a season number like this pic. That would be very weird if your Stam doesn't have one.
    Stam- season label.jpg
  7. It doesn't have one.
  8. Found it. I turned the pocket inside out and it was a tiny inconspicuous black tag. The canvas is dark so I couldn't see it. R06 :shame:
  9. ^ Whew! From what I know, all stams have this tag, either black or white.. I think black is for fall, white is for resort and spring.
  10. My bag is Resort and it has a black tag
  11. Does resort come in black and white? having a brain freeze here....
  12. I think the antique hardwares are Fall season with black tag and the rest of the stam with the gold shiny hardwares should come with white tags. If you could give a pic of your bag and the interior, that should help to figure things out.
  13. nope mine is Resort '06. Shiny hardware with a black tag that says "R06"
  14. ok, went over my archive again and found only white tags for the resort serial tags... black was for fall, and spring was white too. i don't think hardware made a difference.
  15. Then they must have run out of white tags when they were making my resort stam :shrugs: