serial tag for chocolate 2006 paddy

  1. does the 2006 choco paddies with the brown canvas lining have a brown serial tag as well. just wanted to double check?
  2. Most of them do from my knowledge.
  3. Hi, don't have an '06 chocolate, but do have the '06 Brun w/ the dark lining, just checked the tab and it is a dark brown -- hope that helps!
  4. Here's my 06 Chocolate tag
    Hope this helps :yes:
  5. thanks everyone!
  6. Better pic of mine:

  7. Choc / Brun / Tobacco are all the same colour, are they not???
  8. I've only seen Brun and Choc in person. Brun is considerably deeper & darker, more like bittersweet chocolate. I believe Tobacco is lighter than Chocolat.