Serial # questions

  1. hello ladies,
    just wondering if this serial # sounds legit???

    2211 8BR511 RQ1 059

    I thought i heard from the board that it starts with a letter?
  2. While we're on this subject... can someone please post a few pictures of authentic serial number tags? I am trying to learn what font I should be looking for. Thanks in advance.
  3. thanks..but what about the serial #s? i wanna know more about it like does it start with # or alpha letters? thx
  4. The serial # that starts with a letter is on the hologram tag. I'm not quite sure what all the numbers mean on the leather tag besides the 8BR511 which identifies all spies, (but you probably already knew that). :smile:
  5. I can't help ya out with the serial numbers right now. I have my Miu Miu today. Spys are getting a much needed break...just for today, so they'd better rest up! I wouldn't be able to look at my leather tags until late tonight. By then, you'll most likely have several answers to your question.
  6. if you can look at your tonite and let me know that would still be great..thanks...
    also, can anyone else provide me with their serial #? thx
  7. Sure...:yes:

  8. Back, as promised!

    Okay, here are my numbers:

    Bag #1: Leather tag: 2415 8BR511 RQ1 059
    Hologram tag has: AD#####

    Bag #2: Leather tag: 2305 8BR511 RPU 069
    Hologram tag has: AF#####

    Hope this helps.
  9. thank you very much. this definitely helped :smile:
  10. Kewl:supacool:
  13. I Think It Is!!
  14. Hi,

    I just bought 2 diff bag dejour's off eBay (fakes) sending them both back!
    The serial numbers on them both are exactly the same and say

    2211 8BN162 RQI 059 Is this right? Shouldn't they have different numbers? They don't match with the numbers on the auth card either
    Kind of Fishy!!! Signs of a fake :confused1: