Serial numer on a wapity, where is it?

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  1. Hi everyone...:biggrin:

    I need ur help because of my most recent purchase, I bought a monogram canvas wapity, and I cant find out that number, altough I bought it from an LV store here in Mexico I cant stand the idea I got a pouch with no serial numer, :weird: it is quite little so it mustn´t be difficult to find, coudl you help me?

    And at last, here in Mexico there are many Lv fakes, of course, but sometimes when I look at them, I saw a pleaty denim with care booklet and authenticity papers or sth like that, so I´m asking you if in USA they exist, bcz at least here they dont.

    That´s all for 2day, thanks!
  2. It's a date code. Not a serial number. And it should be stamped on the Alcanatara somewhere.
  3. i'm going to assume ( the date code) its inside down the seam of the inside pocket ..

  4. oh I found it! its quite difficult to read and I almost destroy the pocket haha I can see FL1015 is that ok?

    and what can you tell me about the booklet and the other stuff that comes with the fake bag i saw? I´m really keen on that jaja tnx!
  5. It was born November 2005.

    And care booklets come with special lines, e.g. multicolore, vernis, perforated. I'm not sure if there's one for denim actually.. but the regular monogram canvas doesn't have a care booklet.
  6. oooh- does the Wapity come in denim?
  7. Sorry airess but wapity is just in canvas and the 2 multicolores... but now I think in a Denim Wapity it would be realy cool, but there are just the handbags with the lovely MJ gold locks...

    tnx a lot now I know why I dont have any care booklets, all the arts I have are Monogram Canvas and Damier.

    and 4 all of u, I´m actually really lovin my wapity!!! everybodu needs one in their collection!!
    its the most lovely accesory I´ve ever had or see... maybe you are fed up with me and my wapity but its so damn cute!!