Serial numbers

  1. I have a mulberry purchased from a big department store, and it doesn't have a serial number on the back of the medallion. Does this mean it is fake? I will be very disappointed if it is, because it cost a lot.
  2. No!!! Don't worry!!! I have a Roxanne that does'nt have one and an Elgin that does,both bought from Selfridges,same store actually! The roxy is much older than the Elgin,so I'm not sure why this happens,but don't worry-enjoy your bag!! BTW,what did you get?!!!!xxxxxxxxxx
  3. Sometimes they put serial numbers and sometimes they don't. Doesn't mean a thing!!!
  4. Why don't you go into the Dept Store explain your concerns and see if the other bags have a serial no,if they do they may let you exchange least you would feel reassured. Good Luck
  5. don't panic , Mulberry stopped putting serial numbers on their bags for a while , and have restarted , so some of the same design might or might not have a number !
  6. Thanks! I am really glad.

    It's a Phoebe, I think. It looks like all the other Phoebe's except with a western twist, including contrast hearts stitched on it and tassels on the sides. It was on a closeout final sale but still pretty pricey, but I have had it for awhile and never used. I went on a bag binge earlier this year so just now I am going through them deciding what to keep.

    Imagine this in a Phoebe style

    PS this is not my auction, just the closest representation I can find to my bag.
  7. yes, i've seen a phoebe in that sort of style! what colour is yours?