Serial Numbers On Paddys.

  1. I always wondered and you ladies are the ladies to ask, is there anyway to tell if a bag is real using the given serial number?
  2. Not exactly, since the Chloe bags tend to be date stamped and manufacturing stamped. It would help you rule out a definite fake, vice verify that the bag is indeed real. I don't think anyone has the exact codes broken through. However if it has more than a certain number of digits, etc... that would be a telling sign. The number of digits change with model type and also year of production. Best way is to post a picture of the serials, but even the fakers have gotten ahold of quite a bit of that too. As a result, I would look not only at the serial number, but leather, metalwork and everything else too. Hope this helps.
  3. I've been told that the serial numbers are not really used by Chloe to identify a bag... is that true?
  4. There is a whole thread about this if you search for it, you'll find it quickly. Amanda started it and it's with a lot of pics of the different date code possibilities.
  5. ^^^ Baglady - what you said is true. Chloe does not use them as identifiers. In fact, an SA at Chloe told me that it doesn't have to have one to be an authentic Chloe. Personally, I think this is because they have so many quality control issues with their bags in general.