serial numbers on Chloe bags

  1. Are the serial numbers on Chloe bags different for each bag? Or does each style have a serial #? Like say all paddingtons are 12-23-45(example). The reason I ask is I just bought a Chloe bag from a seller (a tPF member) and one of the pics showed a serial #. When looking at her feedback I see she sold the same style several months ago and one of the pics had the same serial number as the one I bought. :confused1: I haven't gotten the bag yet. She is supposed to mail it tomorrow.
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  3. Especially in the older bags the serial/date codes can be same if they're from same season/year :yes: For example all the craie loaf paddys I've seen have the same serial # as mine

    I believe in older bags (05 and older) there usually is 6 digits like 04-04-53 so the first 2 are for season 01=spring, 02=summer, 03=fall, 04=winter...something like that. Then next there is year (04=2004) and then the last 2 one... dont know/remember what they were for :p