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  1. Do all coach bags have serial numbers etched into the leather tag inside the bag?

    I just bought the prairie satchel from Macy's and I find it weird that it doesn't have a serial number.
  2. No. Coach stopped putting serial numbers on the creed patch at about this time last year. there's usually a tiny white tag sewn inside a pocket that shows the style number and production codes but it's not a serial number as such. Incredibly STUPID move by Coach!

    Going back further, smaller accessory bags like Crossbodys, Swingpacks, "Mini"-anythings, Demis, Pouches and others smaller than a normal size handbag often didn't have serial numbers or even creed patches. And vintage bags older than 1980 often didn't have them either. Neither did some early 1990s pebbled leather bags like Dakotas and some Sheridans.
  3. You'll find it on a tiny slip of paper inside the interior zippered pocket. Like this picture of my MFF Carrie. The newer bags don't have the bag style number on the creed.
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  4. :tup: Yep, and it will drive you batty trying to located said.. little tab until you've done it once or twice then it seems it's easy to locate lol
  5. I was at the Coach Madison Avenue New York store a while back asking about where the serial number was on one of their bags. The SA couldn't manage to locate it, and I only managed to locate it after doing a search here to find out where they are now!
  6. I am disgusted by the way they are doing the serial numbers on that little white tag. UGH!
  7. I've been wondering the same thing. I just bought a purse at the Outlet and there was no serial number. The only tag that I have on the inside is a black one that says Made in Vietnam.I will have to look at my older ones to see if there is a serial number. I've never looked for it before
  8. Look in the largest pocket, usually the zippered one(of coarse varies by style) there will be one but it's on these small white tags as shown above by a PP picture.
  9. I agree with Hyacinth, I think it was a stupid move for them to remove them.
  10. This is actually in line with what some luxury labels do. I also find it--not annoying, exactly, but very weird after so many years?
  11. IIRC general consensus was it was a cost cutting measure? They do appear to be bringing them back at least on the 75Th anniversary bags .. i don't have a hard core opinion on it though i strongly dislike searching out for a # vs the old creeds where it was clearly visible.
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    I bought a coach bennett satchel and it has "made in the philippines" label.
  14. Is this genuine?
  15. If you're trying to authenticate your bag, you should use the below thread (and follow the instructions on the pics/details they need). The ladies there are very helpful if you provide the correct info!