Serial number

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  1. Hey!

    Just a quick question! i have been looking on eBay for marc jacobs bags..what im not sure of does all marc jacobs bag have serial number? Just in some bags it has the serial number within the interior pocket while others doesn't mentioned it but it has everything that appears to what you have in a marc jacobs..the signage etc

    Could someone tell me so i won't end up buying a fake??

  2. Hi there!
    I am new to the forum and have just purchased my MJs recently... I can tell you a few places to get some great information that really helped me out.

    Definately check anything you are seriously considering in the "authenticate this" thread. I actually start checking things out even prior to when I know I am going to purchase... I am looking at getting a balenciaga bag and I've found that usually the first couple that you pick out from eBay that you think are good, are actually fake!! It has helped me learn alot.

    Also, for MJ bags... check out eBay user "vogue1966" 's about me page. There is alot of great information on older styles, that definately help to build your base of knowledge and confidence in asking about authentication of different bags.

    Hope this isn't too long and hope it helps somehow!! :smile:
  3. Thanx for the help!! and no it wasn't long :smile:

    I will check the pages you mentioned! Marc jacobs bags are so gorgues so i want my first one to be perfect!! Considering a stam so i'll have a look before i buy!!
  4. Ohhh, there is a gorgeous small stam on sale at either NM or BG, there is a thread somewhere down the middle of the first MJ page. It is gold and on sale for $398!! Oh... if I hadn't just purchased a few other bags - that would be mine!!

    That would be a great deal to see how you like one... but definately check out the stams you are looking at in the authenticate this thread - apparently there are alot of fake ones on ebay. :yes:
  5. Serial numbers started in Fall of 2005, so anything prior as far as I know didn't have serial tags in their interior pocket. If you're looking for a stam, then all stams have one because that line began in fall 05.
  6. What is the serial number for the stam? And where do you find it?:rolleyes:
  7. ^ check the interior zipper pocket, there should be a small tag sewn into the seam. It depends on which season the bag was released, but should start with the season's first letter, ie fall=F and then the year's last two numbers 2006=06. 2nd set of numbers below it should read 197 I believe.