Serial mystery!?

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  1. Hi

    Did a search n the forum and found their was abit of conversation regarding this but just wondering if anyone got to the bottom of what the serials actual mean.

    I know the first 6 digits is the style but what about the rest.

    Also i never found an answer as to whether the same style bags have exact same serials and are not unique.
  2. Actually they are not UNIQUE SERIAL numbers, 10 bags of the same model might have same those " serial numbers" so called. they are actually item codes. I believe numbers on the top part ( 6 to 8 digits ) is the group model. the numbers on the bottom represent code for a specific bag on that group.
  3. I believe the bottom four numbers is the color of the bag.

    So for example if the bag is solid black. the last four numbers will be 1000
    If the two web handles are green and red and the bag is black. That style of bags with that specific color combination will be 1060.

    For example - 1060 - 1060

    As for the black bags examples (you can notice the black bags have different styles) - 1000 - 1000 - 1000 - 1000

    Hope that helps :smile:
  4. The bottom four number is not the color of the bag. "1000" usually shows up on fake bags.
  5. Agree to disagree. The bottom 4 numbers aren't the colour of the bag, those numbers you mentioned are codes for colour. The only place that I have seen the number '1000' for example, appear, is on counterfeit receipts for fake bags.
  6. Ok people i have the answer to my own question!

    Spoke to Gucci manager at both Bond and Sloane street today to get some items cheked for authenticity and they explained what the serial numbers mean.

    First row of numbers as we all know is the style.

    Second row is where and who is was made by.

    Therefore from the second row they can pinpoint the factory and craftsman who made the bag.

    They also told me serials are not unique on each bag.

    100 bags made on the same day at the same factory by the same craftsman will all have the same code.

    Hope this helps everyone.