Serial buyer on a ban - anyone else?

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  1. Not a single bag this year. except one, which I returned and got full refund. So basically none. Last year like 45 in 7 months (more than a bag a week on average, omg). (sold 20 or so of them) I have started to feel like a nun. Anyone else there?
    Feels good to avoid temptations....
  2. I SHOULD be, but I know I won't be able to! I am madly selling off some of my other label bags so I can get the new Olive when it comes out. But then I will wait until fall when hopefully I'll have enough saved up to get one more. As much as I SHOULD be on a ban all year ... I know I won't be able to avoid temptations!
  3. I am on a ban since lovely GSH Amethyst. I have my eye on a few "new" bags and it is kind of making me happy because nothing seems to be selling too quickly these days - maybe the ones I want will stick around out there for a while :angel:

    A bit of fun news, for Valentine's Day my husband pre-ordered me a stylish yet functional present that i actually needed: the new Vivienne Tam Butterfly Lovers Digital Clutch; a mini netbook that is lovely! I imagine it will stow perfectly in one of my bals!

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  4. So hard to be on a ban.:nogood: I would have to totally avoid tpf and the auction sites. But I really envy you, Aarponen, if you can keep it up! Good luck!
  5. Ah ... but the year is still young yet!!! :graucho:

  6. Super cute netbook!

    I'm on a ban until one of my HG's comes along.....
  7. I bought a ton of bags when I first fell for Balenciaga, now I find my taste has changed (I had the most beautiful GGH bag that I felt too self conscious out with, now all I want is some GH!). So I have sold three bags in a week and haven't bought anything new in two's just a lull until I see what I want, but it's the longest I have gone without that "you're the top bidder!" thrill in a long time!
  8. I've been very quiet since first week of Jan this year... while it's early days yet, it's a good thing for me. I don't think I'll last a ban for the whole year, but I don't see anything on the horizon for me until at least March this year for me. Hopefully I'll make it to July sans Bbag purchases.

    I still love Bbags - but am trying to use them all now, rather than buying so many and only rotating through them once in a blue moon.
  9. I should definitely be on a ban (bought way too many bags + a moto jacket this year already!!) but it is so hard! I really want a couple more of the new 2010 colors (Sahara, Moutarde and Light Olive) and then i will be done and will be on a ban for a long time. Except for maybe a CP or
  10. Dear a, happy chinese new year to u my dear friend. Imo, you are a smart girl, you always choose the best one and you always ask questions to youself/tpfers. I only want to say if you don't want to spend too much on a bag, especially on the same shape/ brand of bags, then you could stop getting them, or looking for something else. I don't love Chanel bags when I was too young, but now I think Chanel jumbo and reissue 2.55 are so beautiful.
  11. You're doing so well! Me . . . not so much!

    I need to be banned, and although I had set a limit on the number of bags I would be purchasing this year, I've not stuck to it as well as I should have. So far, I'm holding steady at: cyclade velo, sorbet pom, and sunday tote. The impending colors are killing me--mustard, canard, and olive--and trying to figure out the style to get for each. I'm also trying to figure out what I can afford.

    Thanks for this thread!
  12. I seriously need to be on a ban myself! I've already bought 3 bals this year and a Chanel. I'm contemplating returning my Galet and just waiting for a Vert d'Eau Day and a pale pink and calling it quits. I don't know! It's an addiction and an expensive on at that!
  13. After this season, I am going to be on a ban...!!!
  14. I haven't put myself on a ban, but I am selling the bags that I don't use, so I expect that my collection will be smaller. Since I am giving up some of my bags, I'm thinking that no new money will be going out for the bags I do buy this year. I can live with that.