Sergent Speedy??

  1. I was in New Bond Street, London last week and i spyed a very presentable lady carrying a sergent speedy.

    I got really excited because hadnt seen one before and it was kinnda odd looking, but kool in an LE way.

    So when i got home i tried to find out a bit more info on it, and cant find anything. The search function is disabled on the forum at the moment so i had to search via google and there is absolutely no record of it anywhere.

    Was it a fake????
  2. i'd say its most likely a fake. but it would be great if they made more Monogram Bronze items in the future. i really like this new leather effect.
  3. yesss mono bronze speedyyyy will be very yummy:smile:))))
  4. Yeah, going with DD since the only pieces made in this material were the Sergent PM and GM.
  5. ^^^ITA, when I was in NYC at the flagship store they told me that it only came it 2 sizes (those mentioned by Rebecca). So I think you saw a fakey. I agree with DeluxeDuck that the bronze is stunning, perhaps they will roll out some more bags in this.