Sergent Bag.........

  1. ..........o how I yearn for a segent bag. I saw it first on Rodeo Drive in LA in the summer. Due to its size, I believe it was a GM. I wanted to buy it for my bday this past december and actually found one but I desperately needed a "summery" bag so I settled for a white Ursula multi. I threw in a pair a white multi sneaks too to match. Yet I STILL yearn for that bag. I've been looking on eBay for authentic one and I couldnt even find a fake! Sigh.......If anyone knows of one for sale PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE let me know!
  2. I believe they are still available. has them posted. Try calling 866 or your local boutique to see if they can locate one for you.
  3. ^^^I agree 866 should be able to locate one, the Boston store had one within the last month and so did the Flagship in NYC, although I am not sure which size they were as I just saw them in passing (I was on a mission for something else! LOL!) Good luck and keep us posted.
  4. Yes, the rep at Boca while I was visiting over the past few weeks found one avail. in Bermuda. While I was exxxxtreeeeeeeemely tempted, I really needed a "light-colored" bag since I have enough dark ones and the 2700 price was a pinch over my budget. I am hoping to find one now that has been lovingly used at a lower price. Otherwise, I am going to have to wait a few months until I have a new budget and hope they will still be available.

    Over and beyond that, LV wont ship from other non-canadian stores to canadian stores. I will have to be in the states in order to obtain one and transport it myself to Canada. Canada LV is very limited in items.
  5. If you are looking for a used bag your best options are eBay and Let-trade. If you are unsure about authenticity you can post the link in the authenticate this thread and you are bound to get great feedback.
  6. yes, perhaps I should start looking but how are my chances at finding a legitimate one?

  7. Okay, here it it or isnt it??? Also, is this the GM version if its authentic?
  8. ^^I am not sure what you are asking but if you have a question about authenticity; you need to post a link to the item in the "authenticate this LV" thread. I hope that helps.