Sergent Bag

  1. Does anyone know when the sergent bag in Monogram Bronze will be available? I love this bag and I have only seen pics on
  2. It's avalible now .
    There was 2 at my boutique i think.
    But i think they have gone now.
  3. It's been out for awhile.
  4. The LV in PA Saks had both sizes....I use NATALIE there(1-610-667-1550)
  5. Thanks to you all so much for the replies I thught it was fall bag and did not realize it was out yet. Does anyone know the cost?:smile:
  6. Already available. Even my store, which is SLOW at receiving EVERYTHING, got two already. They've been out for awhile but weren't allowed to display them (don't ask why) until recently.
  7. saw one in atlantic city, perhaps they have it. call there if 866 can't locate one for you. i have the prefall catalog but can't seem to find the price list. sorry :sad:
  8. I saw both sizes in Vegas (Caesar's Palace Forum shop). Since I was only driving through, I asked the SA if they are available in all stores. She said there should be at least one in every store but only available this Fall/Winter. I am so in love with the PM and that is $2250 when I was there on Tuesday. Forgot to ask for price on the bigger one though. Sorry!
  9. Thanks so much I too am in love with the PM Bag:yes:
  10. My store had them a while ago ... I adore the PM too:heart:
  11. Yup, my store (Fashion Valley) had both sizes as well, they probably still do.
  12. Uh oh... You might be my neighbor! Lol

    You are welcome, purse lover!
  13. My store has the PM... I pass by it many times... never have the urge to ask to see it though. Just too dark for my liking. And I know I won't wear it well.
  14. I saw one at my store here in MN yesterday. Not my cup of tea but impressive construction.
  15. I want to see this one in person, the pics just don't do it for me!