serendipity3kb's gerard darel bag!

  1. i resized them for her.
    043.jpg 044.jpg 045.jpg
  2. Beautiful bag! Very sleek looking! Congrats serendipity3kb!
  3. Thanks Fayden!!! You did a great job! I needed a fix today and this was it!
  4. isn't it pretty? the leather looks totally scrumptious!
  5. ooh...I love this...
  6. What a gorgeous bag. May I ask where you got it?
  7. The leather does look sumptuous. I'm really liking that bag in black...
  8. Oh...beautiful. Looks really buttery soft :love: .
  9. it is amazing.
    i love it more and more
  10. A store in Jersey called Hamrah's they happened to have one left. I did write to Isabella Company as Greenie suggested. Greenie's information about purchasing this bag paid off.:love: Thanks Greenie!
  11. Congrats! I like it, it looks very soft :love:
  12. Gorgeous!! Congrats!
  13. I'm glad your happy!!! Isn't it a great bag?!?! Your's looks really really beautiful!! You take awesome pics! Enjoy your bag! :amuse:
  14. the leather looks great! fantastic bag!
  15. holy crap...I actually had a dream about this bag last night. haha!
    I emailed the distributor...I need one.
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