Serena's Bag?

  1. [​IMG]

    I LOVE the bag that Serena is carrying in this pic, would anyone happen to know what brand it is? I would really appreciate any help, thanks:p
  2. Maybe if there was a better's a little hard to see.
  3. I'm not sure, but I love her style. That show is my guilty pleasure.

    Maybe Isabella Fiore?
  4. i can only see the strap LOL
    but totally loving the boots!!!
  5. ^me too! LOVE her boots!
  6. Found this on
    Calling all Gossip Girl fans: The hunt for Serena’s enviable grey suede boots is over, and it doesn’t involve forking over your savings to get them.”“Everyone loves those boots (as seen on Blake Lively), says Gossip Girl’s costume designers Eric Daman, who also worked on Sex and the City. “They’re Chinese Laundry and I got them at DSW!” These knee-high boots come in at an affordable $99 on, and even though the ash grey pair that Serena donned are sold out on the web site, you can get the style in either black or brown. Better yet, after November 25, you can get an almost identical style boot on in the same ash grey. Who doesn’t love affordable style?
    Posted by StyleWatch "

    Says nothing about the bag! Arggg!! Sorry.

  7. wow 99$!!!! now me liking it more :tup:
  8. I love the boots and her style.
  9. Not sure if it's the same one, but I saw a Be&D bag with a big studded strap like that.
  10. I have seen a Prada Hobo with gorgeous studded strap...not sure if this is it:heart:H
  11. Thanks for all your help so far everyone, I really appreciate it:smile: Here are a few more pics of the bag, its really hard to find a good one for some reason...

    PS-the boots are adorable:tup:



  12. According to InStyle, the bag is the Sierra Shoulder Bag by Linea Pelle.
    ...on second look, it seems like InStyle is only suggesting similar looks, not the exact items. So I don't think it's LP after all.
  13. Yes that's definitely a different bag.
  14. Here's a better pic:

    Looks Be & D-ish?