Serena Williams Teams up with Opi

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  1. Interesting concept. I might try it.
  2. I want this. I had one a long time ago from wet and wild that was awesome. This is also part of the Katy Perry collection
  3. Looks like charcoal LOL!

    I love this finish on art/craft and cottage furniture so I wouldn't trying it on my nails...
  4. I wouldn't exactly call it game-changing though?! :P

    I remember those Crackle Topcoats from when I was a teen about 10 years ago and during the last months a lot of companies have released them again (at least here in Germany). Isadora did even a lot more colors.
  5. I don`t like the Shatter effect at all. Saw Graffiti Nail Top by Isadora in person (similar/same effect) and did not like it at all.
  6. That's like the old maybeline crackle polish from ... the 90s? They had all sorts of colors: white, black, blue, yellow.
  7. oh yea, I remember that!
  8. I remember those too!!!!