Serena & Lily Market Sling?

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  1. Any reviews for this? I have a Beco Butterfly, which I really like, but I'd like to have something less structured that I could place dd (almost 8 months old) on my hip/side rather than on my chest or back. She's 15 lbs and the S&L sling is good till 25 lbs so I am thinking I would get a decent amount of use out of it.
  2. I have it, but don't use it very often. DD is 16lbs. I pretty much use it when I travel and that is about it. I am not much of a baby wearer though. It has held up very well and washes great. It is a beautiful sling!
  3. Thank you Megs. I think our babies are close to the same age and wt. (dd's birthdate is 6/25/09) Have you worn her on your hip with it, or just craddled her in the sling? I can find a lot of photos of people craddling a newborn baby in one but not many of people with a bigger child on their hip.
  4. I have a hotsling that goes to 35lbs I love it! I used it all the time with my daughter up intill she was almost 2. She is just over 2 now and I still pull it out every so often!
  5. Funny, I *just* asked about the hotsling on another forum b/c it looked similar to the S&L but their site was clearer about how the baby is placed/held in for hip carry. And the hotsling is a fraction of the price of the S&L. I may go that route and try out the HS.
  6. I think that's a good idea.
    DD can sit on the hip, but sometimes her legs seem to be uncomfortable and she gets fussy. But remember every baby is different. DD really prefers to be held vs in a sling. I bought my S&L sling from Nordstrom which has a great return policy so that may be an option too.
  7. do these slings have a lot of fabric like the moby? i have a moby but find it overwhelming with all the fabric. i would like something simpler.
  8. The Serena & Lily and the Hotsling appear to be less fabric than the Moby, but I haven't seen any of them in person. The S&L appears to be more sack-like and loose fitting, while the Hotsling appears more snug fitting so the baby is going to be pressed in closer to you than in the S&L as far as I can tell.

    Megs, Nordstrom is so great. I have a GC to use up at NM and hate spending any significant money there b/c their returns policy is just nothing like Nordies! Thank you for your feedback.
  9. No problem!
    I really like the S&L b/c of the amount of fabric. I felt like it was enough for DD to move around safely, but not too much fabric either... I am not a fan of the Moby b/c of all of the fabric. I am just not that coordinated!
    The color selections of the Serena and Lily are really pretty too!
  10. The S&L is by far the prettiest of all the options IMO. The Hotsling has some decent fabric choices and it's a fraction of the price but the S&L is certainly prettier.

    I agree, the moby and many other slings out there are too complicated for me. I need something that is easy to use or I won't use it. Which is one of the reasons why I chose the Beco carrier.
  11. i have a hot sling...and i was so excited to get it, but one thing i noticed is that it's sized small. so i got the appropriate size according to their chart and it's way too tight :sad: i only used it a handful of times and that is when k-kay was a tiny baby. there is no way she could squeeze in there now. so maybe order a size up just to be on the safe side or get your size and a larger one and then try them out and return the other one. GL!!
  12. I was just going to mention the sizinging. They have a size chart that I followed to the t, and when my dd was a baby and snuggled in she was really cramped in. I also felt like there was no way she would fit as she got older. Well I just stuck her in there yesterday (she turned 2 in October) and she still fits on my hip no problem, she was wearing a snowsuit and I had my winter coat on. I think it has to be kind of snug to keep the baby secure and close to you. I got a size 2, I am 105lb and 5.6. Try one on with your baby in the hip hold if you can before buying, you should feel like she is nice and close to you, secure and not bouncing or flopping around. I could carry her in it for hours before I felt any strain on my back or shoulders. I brought mine to sea world last summer and carried her for the full day no problem. I actually got a second hs in black in my husbands size so he could carry her too. I got mine online from an evilbay store for less then $40 shipped. I think they even have some at target and babies r us.
    I can't say enough about slings in general but I love the pocket sling style because they are so small and compact, they fit in your purse or diaper bag. Even when I had my dd in the stroller I would throw the sling in the basket incase she fussed in the stroller. My dd loved it and never fussed in the sling.
  13. then i will get it out and try it again...but it just felt SO tight. it felt like i was squishing her while she was in there.
  14. ^ I felt the same when Lexi was a baby, she was jammed in there. I mean, I had a hard time getting her in and out. I would give it a try now with your little one in the hip carry, hopefully it will be much better now. My daughter is still snug in it but not the smashed in super squished that she was. Like I said she was in a snowsuit in it the other day and it was fine. My Lexi is just over 2 and average size and about 32lbs.