Sequined Spy?

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  1. ..Comes with green satin interior, correct? And what do you ladies think about it?:huh:
  2. am dyyyyyyyyyyyying to have one ....

    sorrry dear ... have no idea about its interior
  3. I saw a pic of it once. Very beautiful.
  4. Is it cognac with sequins off to the side? Or am I thinking of something completely different?
  5. yes yes u r right .. i recall one of PF's has one .. cant remember who was it ..
  6. i think greendrv has one. from my recollection...its gaga-gorgeous!

    they do have a green satiny interior.
  7. Ahhh thanks!! Do they come in different sizes or anything?
  8. I have the bordeaux velvet squirrel spy. Is this the one you are referring to? Mime has bright blue interior.
  9. here's a pic of one (it might be Greendrv's but I'm not sure). at any rate, its a beauty
  10. ^^ That def. has a green satin lining. The bag is gorgeous, but I couldn't get myself to pay $5500 for it :shocked:
  11. en, that is a replica. the bag retailed for over $5K :cry: The seller should be reported for fraud. She knows that is NOT authentic :censor:
  12. ahhhh really?? GRRRR that makes me SO ANGRY!!!

    What to do now?? I don't want the negative feedback...

    GOSH. People...GRRRRRRRRR.

    And for a minute I thought I had the real thing...can't trust people anymore huh? :sad:
  13. GAHHHHHH...! :angry:
  14. Thats a fake, the grain of the leather is tooo uniform. The spys have bigg bubbles on their leather.
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