Sequined shoes...durable? pics?

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  1. How do you care for them??

    I just preordered some Manolo sequined pumps but I'm worried that they'll fall apart after one wearing. I can't see wearing them with anything but shorter skirts, either - I can foresee snagging on longer skirt hems or jeans. Would you even wear these with jeans?

    Oh and do you like the red, or are they too Dorothy-cheesy?

  2. I love sequined shoes, I think they are perfect for special occassions. I do not own any so I don't know how they will hold up but I am sure that they will snag on long hems.

    I was seriously considering getting the Louboutin sequin nude very prive.
  3. ah, when I saw those CLs I immediately thought "how impractical - lovely but I'll pass" - just like the glitter Privés. I guess I was in a different mood when I was peeking at Manolo's cruise collection today, though! Impulse buy, as usual...
  4. The sequins do fall off by the toe. I have a pair of Manolos and I have a few of the sequins of by the toe...thankfully the color of the shoe makes it so you cant really tell.
    (sorry about the phone camera pics)
  5. Stinas thank you so much for snapping some pics! I worry about the toe and the heel especially, since those red pumps are sequined along the heel I figure that area would take quite a beating. But your shoes still look great. Hmm decisions...
  6. I would say get the red.
    Sequins are always great.
    Just as long as the shoe color under the sequins is the same color as the sequins you should be ok. Post pics when you decide!
  7. love them, but I personally wouldnt wear them with jeans. Its hard to pick a color though they both are pretty. It would really depend on what you have to wear with them. The nude\pink ones would be more versatile but every girl needs a pair of vavavoom red shoes :whistle:
  8. I totally agree with the colors...but for some reason that red is just popping out and yelling "BUY ME!"
    I might have to check them out myself! :p
  9. I preordered both - hope I don't end up keeping both :p
    Get 'em, Stinas!
  10. Stinas, I have been looking for a pair like yours for months! I love them
  11. I bought them a while ago. Check eBay. They are very flashy. I love them!
  12. Those look really beautiful!! I would get them, if they make it the same color underneath surly it can't be that visable? They are hot :tup: