Sequined Fendi spy help to find one..

  1. Hey...

    I just love the sequined spy i was wondering if anyone know where i would get one????

    thanks soooooo much :smile:
  2. AFAIK, they aren't making them anymore, so you would have to find one used. I don't know of any available right now, but perhaps someone else will have a lead.
  3. thanks - am kicking meseld as i had one in my hand when they came out but changed my mind - now i know it was the wrong thing to do....
  4. x
  5. Which sequin spy are you referring to?
  6. eBay is your best bet as they are no longer made so thats the only real hope for you - unfortunately quite a few fakes out there and the real ones dont come up that often so if you find one get it authenticated on the threads here

    Good luck keep us posted
  7. yeah thats wht i thought i'l just have to keep checking - if anyone spys one please pm me!! thanks
  8. I'm on the hunt for one too. Aside from a Birkin, it's my "holy grail" bag...
    Unfortunately, it's a lot easier to get a Birkin than this particular bag. :wtf:
    Good luck finding one. Keep us posted if ya do!