Sequined Baby Doll Dresses

  1. How do you feel about sequined baby doll dresses ?

    Alice + Olivia Sequin Baby Doll Dress
  2. if you can pull it off then id go for it... but i cant so no for me lol
  3. I love it! And Paris has been looking very classy lately!
  4. I love it!
  5. I think they are cute, but they also look like they could be unforgiving with certain body types.
  6. It's alright...If you can pull it off then great for you!
  7. I like them...Club Monaco had a really nice one for sale around Christmas time.
  8. I like them if they are either black or silver sequined.
  9. I think they are okay.

    They aren't very flattering in general, but they are fun dresses.
  10. really cute
  11. Not a huge fan of them, but if you do wear them I'd make sure other things like shoes, purse, jewelry are definetely more toned down.
  12. Funny you should say that. I always wondered if it should only worn around the Holiday season.
  13. Personally, I love them! They are so fun!
  14. Very bling and cute, but I personally wouldn't wear them.
  15. Some people can pull it off nicely, not me though. :p