sequin spy

  1. what a gorgeous bag...someone got it! I hope it was you or a fellow PFer!
  2. Big congrats on getting this spy, please post lots of pictures when it turns up
  3. That is a very rare & popular Spy Bag! Congrats!~ :wlae::yahoo::wlae:
  4. whoohoo!! I'm so glad you got it! Yes please post pics when it arrives!:yes:
  5. Wow! Congratulations on the fabulous Spy, Cupcake!
  6. I think this bag retailed for US$4995.00. It was a very rare limited ed. SPY. CONGRATS on getting one!:yahoo: I bet it's even more STUNNING IRL than it is in pics!!!:heart:
  7. Nice bag! Lot of sequin designs that are being done on spy bags. I saw a new one for the latest season, stunning. It just "sucked" me right into the boutique like some kind of magnet.

  8. ITA Congrats!!! i cant even imagine how luxurious it must feel IRL!
  9. i got her today she is absolutely beautiful and the leather on this one is so much softer and smooshier than my other spys... ill post pics soon
  10. Ooh, can't wait to see! You are a lucky girl! :yes: