Sequin Spotlight Color... Is this New?

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  1. Just seen a Graphite Sequin spotlight :nuts: in an auction (is not mine) and I am in love with the color and the fact that it has many charms, four I think.

    Any ways... I am wanting to know if this is a new color coming out or one from the past that I may have missed? I know they were a Red, Black, Pink, Silver, Blue and Gold but Graphite I am not sure about but ...I love it and want one.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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    Last edited: Oct 17, 2010
  3. Its okay. I remembered this Wow! reveal so it was easy to find. If I'm remembering right, the smaller graphite sequin bag and pink sequin bag are part of the holiday collection so the spotlight probably is too. I would imagine it will be in stores soon. It really is stunning!
  4. Coach has brought back the original spotlight (13821) and is doing it in graphite and Lilac.
    There are rumors of other colors, like red with gold hw, but they have not been confirmed.
    They are also putting the Groovy out in graphite and Lilac.

    You can order the graphite now by calling JAX. When I ordered mine, Lilac was not available yet, or I would have ordered both. LOL!
  5. The graphite spotlight & groovy can be ordered now.

    Oops didn't see your post PCL
  6. What about the Lilac? I am like a dog hovering over a steak waiting on that one. :graucho:
  7. When I ordered my graphite groovy yesterday, the SA didn't have a release date yet for the lilac.

  8. :biggrin:lol! To be HONEST about it I want them all but I think and I said think (hee hee) I will go with the Graphite first. I can not wait to order mine... sadly though it won't be for a week or so. I want it now dang it :pout:
  9. You will love the's so sparkly, but not blinding like the silver. It's totally better, IMO.
  10. I agree. I have the graphite in both the spotlight and the groovy and I have some of the silver accessories, I like the graphite LOTS more. I'm glad I didn't get the silver now!
  11. PCL last I checked there was 148 of the lilac coming out on 11/11. I'll check again Wednesday when I work! We also did get future release info for items with red sequines and gold hardware, all accessories and no bags yet though...
  12. these bags are so pretty but how do they hold up? do the sequins come off easy? thanks
  13. No, they do not come off easy...they are tanks! lol!

    Any info on the red stuff, please let me know...I would love matching accessories for my red spotlight, even if it has b4.
    Also...have you seen the pics of the new sequin wristlets? The sequins don't full as our bags do. Looks like the sequins are sewn one by one, instead of overlapping. I kinda don't like that. :sad:
    It reminds me of sequin audrey...looks as if you lose a sequin, it would show a spot(which is why I did not get a sequin audrey). The sequin spotlights are stuffed full of sequins, so if you lose one, you won't be able to tell. And they look to be individually sewn on the spotlight, not on a if you lose one, you only lose one. :smile:
  14. Advice for those that have seen or own the graphite bag...would you get the graphite or the blue jean?? I love the blue..but I am seriously wondering about the graphite? Any pros/cons with either color?