1. I know there is a thread on PCE, but I am afraid this will get lost in there, so I apologize ahead of time for asking this question....does anyone know when the NEXT PCE is? How many are there per year and when are they? I have NEVER been invited to one, so I would like to mark my calendar as to when they are to maybe hound my mailman to see if I get an invite to the next one!! LOL..thanks so much and again, sorry for the question!
  2. I've been getting PCE cards for the last year and a half and they've been in March, June, September and December. I hope they keep coming this often.
  3. oooh, just in time for christmas too! my sister will probably get a coach from me this year :smile:
  4. september sounds about right.
  5. Thank you sooooo much!!!! I am going to wait for a black sig bag then til the Sept or Dec event, in HOPES I actually get an invite since I bought sooooooo much this past year!!!! Here's to hoping for invites for ALL of us!
  6. September is prefect for me since that's my birthday.:graucho:
  7. I think that's about right....and I can't make any major purchases until then....
  8. I agree it is my birthday too so I'm hoping to get one then.
  9. October is my bday!!!!! Happy bday to US!!!! I smell a nice black signature Coach bag for MY bday!!!! HOPEFULLY w/ my FIRST PCE!!!! LOLOL :graucho:
  10. September? I hope we can get one. I have a feeling they sent one to my dad, but he's out of the country, so. . . :/
  11. DECEMBER is a PCE too? :graucho: That's dangerous... Christmas AND my birthday! :devil:
  12. September 12th is my bday! Yay I hope I get a PCE card! Don't know what I'll get maybe those boots for fall?
  13. boots sound like a GREAT idea!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!! You twisted my arm....not that it needed to be twisted or anything :smile: